Thunder and Lightning

January 15, 2017

happy sunday everyone 🙂
hope you’re having a lovely day wherever you are !!
its so nice to be back in NEW ZEALAND . i really do love this place and i’m so looking forward to playing at The Civicin AUCKLAND on tuesday and then at Opera House in WELLINGTON the following night ! both are very nearly sold out so grab your tickets from if you fancy coming down …. these will be the first shows with the brilliant The Paper Kites as our special guests and i can’t wait to have them with us!!
also , here is a little video that we made today …..
some of you may know that we recorded a lot of my latest album here in auckland at an amazing place called Roundhead Studios New Zealand . its one of my favourite places in the world to make music and as i have a couple of days off here i decided at the last minute to go in and record a bunch of songs . they’re mainly little ideas that i’ve been working on over the last six months or so and i just wanted to get them down as rough demos .
i then thought that maybe this could be a nice twist on the “sunday night videos” . the band and i had so much fun recording cover songs as we traveled through europe last year and we might well do it again at some point , but for now ( if you guys are up for it ) instead of a cover every week i’ll pop one of these demos up instead ? they are just me and a guitar and they might be a bit rough round the edges , but i really like the idea of not holding them back and giving you guys a listen at this early stage …..
so here is the first one . its called “thunder and lightning” and its only about a minute and a half long but i think there’s something nice about it ….
please (and i know i say this every time …. sorry) but please if you feel like sharing it with your friends we would be hugely grateful .
massive thanks to Jarrad Seng Photography , chris vallejo , scooter , paddy and everyone at roundhead .
hope you like it .
mike xx

Asia Tour – Singapore

January 14, 2017

SINGAPORE you were a brilliant end to a crazy and amazing week !!!! thanks so much again to everyone who came to the ASIAN shows . we had so much fun exploring and i can’t tell you how amazing it was to turn up in countries that i’ve never been to before and play to so many people … its pretty mind blowing to be honest!
i will definitely be back again .
take care in the meantime and thank you so much again !!

Asia Tour – Hong Kong

January 12, 2017

HONG KONG – what an amazing place !! i absolutely loved the show last night . thank you for having us – we’ll definitely be back again one day 🙂
SINGAPORE – we’re coming for you !! tomorrow night at the The Star Theatre, the Star Performing Arts Centre last stop on the asian tour … lets make it a good one !!15896322_10154625750243964_3738326673952163696_o

Asia Tour – Taipei

January 10, 2017

thank you for a wonderful 48 hours TAIPEI !! such a fun gig and easily the best dumplings I’ve ever had in my life 🙂
we’re in HONG KONG now and looking forward to playing at the MacPherson Stadium 麥花臣場館 tomorrow night . its 95%sold out so grab your tickets quick if you wanna come !!! see you there xx15895807_10154619461443964_487999106086294885_o

Asia Tour – Seoul

January 8, 2017

SEOUL – thank you for being so kind and welcoming . what an amazing city 🙂 great people , food and an amazing show . I’m looking forward to coming back again one day . thank you xx
TAIPEI – there are still a few tickets left for the concert tomorrow at 國立國父紀念館National Dr.Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall . would be great to see you there !!! xx15895969_10154614106478964_6616035219035357454_o

Everything – Official Video

January 8, 2017

hello everyone 🙂
hope you’re all good ??
we’re having the most amazing time on our ASIAN tour so far !! i never dreamed that i’d get to play gigs in this part of the world and so far its been incredible !!!
we spent the last few days in SEOUL which was was spectacular (i will post pictures soon !!) and now we’re in TAIWAN …. what crazy little adventure !!
just wanted to give you guys a heads up that a lot of the NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIAN dates are getting close to selling out …..
after playing so many solo shows in both countries i’m really looking forward for you guys to hear the full band 🙂 this will probably be the last tour for a while down under so it would be amazing to see as many of you at the shows as possible !!!!
if you’re keen then you can grab tickets from
alright , sales pitch over 😉 below is another video that we shot when we were in ICELAND last year . its for the song “everything” which is the opening track as well as being one of my favourite songs on the album .
it really is such an amazing looking country and i hope this clip does its beauty some justice .
as ever please share it around as best as you can …. it would make me feel a lot better about freezing my ass off in the icelandic snow for three days haha 😉
thank you as always .
loads of love .
mike xxx

UK & Ireland Tour – Glasgow Show Cancelled

December 8, 2016

GLASGOW – i am so so sorry but tonights show at the Barrowland Ballroom will not be going ahead .
i’ve been sick for a couple of days and although i managed to push through last night in EDINBURGH , i woke up this morning feeling absolutely appalling and with little to no voice .
i am absolutely devastated to have to cancel but the worst thing i could do is put on a dreadful / very short show for you all instead .we will be finding an alternative date in the new year for which your ticket will be valid however if you would preferrer you will be able to get a full refund instead .
i love playing in glasgow and it was going to be the perfect way to end the most amazing tour . i hope you guys understand that if there was any other way we would be taking it . i truly am sorry . mike x

UK & Ireland Tour – Belfast

December 7, 2016

definitely my favourite ever BELFAST show 🙂 loved every minute of it !!! thanks a million xxx
can’t believe there are only two more shows left …. SCOTLAND lets see this out in style 😉 xxx15110956_10154498381228964_3685226481188547842_o