Passenger | Someday

January 29, 2017

happy sunday everyone !!! hope you’ve all had a good week !
here is this weeks sunday night video !
its a song called “someday” which is a newish one of mine .
i wrote it on a little island off the coast of thailand last year . i was pretty exhausted as i’d just finished recording “young as the morning” in new zealand and touring australia so i decided to stop off for a few days on the way back home .
there wasn’t any phone signal or internet and for a little under a week i just did nothing but read and play guitar and swim in the sea . i remember feeling so balanced and content and i think that really comes across in the song .
again , this is only a demo so its certainly not perfect ….
we filmed it last weekend on Fitzroy Island Resort, Queensland which (for those of you that aren’t familiar with it) is just off the coast of cairns in far north queensland .
it is an absolutely stunning part of the world and thanks to Explore Tropical North Queensland we had the most fantastic day (which as you will see included scuba diving with tropical fish and we even go to snorkel with turtles which is an experience i will never forget – they are the most beautiful creatures !!!)
i thought it would be a perfect spot to film this simple little song . so without further ado here it is ….
huge thank you to Jarrad Seng Photography who was there to capture all of it on land , from the air and even under the sea …. what a legend !!
i really hope you guys enjoy it and please share it around if you do !
thanks so much for watching , listening and the amazing support .
mike xx
ps I’m sorry if you are viewing this from the freezing northern hemisphere 🙁 i don’t mean to rub it in haha … hope it helps to warm you up xx

Australia Tour – Melbourne

January 26, 2017

goodness me MELBOURNE !!!! we always have an amazing time with you guys but i think last night was the best ever melbourne show and definitely up there with the best ever passenger gigs …. the crowd ,venue ,sound and atmosphere were perfect and everything just clicked in to place . I’m still on a massive high from it . genuinely magical xxxxxxx
SYDNEY – it is lovely to be back …
we have two shows at the beautiful Enmore Theatre this weekend . the one on saturday is sold out (thank you !!) but there are still tickets for the one on friday (tomorrow …) just head over to and you should be able to grab them on the door too . can’t flipping wait 🙂
this tour is a total dream so far xxx16179727_10154672955353964_7034572476075065933_o

Australia Tour – Cairns

January 24, 2017

CAIRNS – sorry this is a bit late but just wanted to thank you for your wonderful hospitality . it was a real pleasure to hang out in such a beautiful corner of this country for a little while and thank you for coming down in such numbers 🙂
MELBOURNE – you’re one of my favourites !! can’t wait to play the Sidney Myer Music Bowl tomorrow night . it is my biggest ever headline show here so it would be amazing to see as many of you as possible !!! tickets on the door if you’re keen .
mike xx16251883_10154665050353964_5721622281211313917_o

Let Me Dream a While

January 22, 2017

hey guys !
hope you’re all had a great week !
here is the new sunday night video for you .
its another demo / new song of mine called “let me dream a while” .
my ridiculously talented friend jarrad seng filmed a load of stuff as we travelled through ASIA a few weeks ago . i was really keen to give you guys a taste of what we were seeing and doing so i guess this is a music video / tour diary . a huge thanks to everyone that came out to the asian gigs and all of the lovely people we met along the way . we really did have a phenomenal time !!
i hope you all enjoy it and as ever , the more shares the better 😉
love and thanks .
mike xx

Australia Tour – Brisbane

January 21, 2017

BRISBANE – that was epic 🙂
i always love playing for you guys but last night was especially good !! thanks so much for coming out and giving me so much energy even though it was roasting … i don’t think my shirt will ever recover …. loads of love and see you all next time !!
CAIRNS – the show tonight is SOLD OUT 🙂 what a bunch of legends !! see you very soon x


New Zealand Tour – Wellington

January 19, 2017

WELLINGTON you little beauties !!! last night was flipping delightful 🙂
NEW ZEALAND it was really special coming over and playing the album live in the land where we created it …. as always you have been the hosts with the most . thank you for the fantastic support !!!
AUSTRALIA – we just landed in BRISBANE and are looking forward to playing at the mighty Riverstage tomorrow night . its a slightly earlier gig –
doors – 6pm
The Paper Kites – 730pm
passenger – 830pm
there will be tickets on the door if you haven’t got one yet .
see ya soon .
mike x


New Zealand Tour – Auckland

January 18, 2017

AUCKLAND – last night was really really special . it was the first full band show for quite a while and in truth i was pretty nervous leading up to it . you guys were absolutely perfect and made it so easy for us . thank you for giving us the perfect start to the tour – genuinely up there with the best of them !!!
WELLINGTON – the weather is pretty moody but its lovely to be back ! we’re playing at the Opera House, Wellington tonight and there are still a handful of tickets on the door if you can make it down 🙂
doors – 7pm
The Paper Kites – 8pm
passenger – 9pm
really looking forward to it xx

Thunder and Lightning

January 15, 2017

happy sunday everyone 🙂
hope you’re having a lovely day wherever you are !!
its so nice to be back in NEW ZEALAND . i really do love this place and i’m so looking forward to playing at The Civicin AUCKLAND on tuesday and then at Opera House in WELLINGTON the following night ! both are very nearly sold out so grab your tickets from if you fancy coming down …. these will be the first shows with the brilliant The Paper Kites as our special guests and i can’t wait to have them with us!!
also , here is a little video that we made today …..
some of you may know that we recorded a lot of my latest album here in auckland at an amazing place called Roundhead Studios New Zealand . its one of my favourite places in the world to make music and as i have a couple of days off here i decided at the last minute to go in and record a bunch of songs . they’re mainly little ideas that i’ve been working on over the last six months or so and i just wanted to get them down as rough demos .
i then thought that maybe this could be a nice twist on the “sunday night videos” . the band and i had so much fun recording cover songs as we traveled through europe last year and we might well do it again at some point , but for now ( if you guys are up for it ) instead of a cover every week i’ll pop one of these demos up instead ? they are just me and a guitar and they might be a bit rough round the edges , but i really like the idea of not holding them back and giving you guys a listen at this early stage …..
so here is the first one . its called “thunder and lightning” and its only about a minute and a half long but i think there’s something nice about it ….
please (and i know i say this every time …. sorry) but please if you feel like sharing it with your friends we would be hugely grateful .
massive thanks to Jarrad Seng Photography , chris vallejo , scooter , paddy and everyone at roundhead .
hope you like it .
mike xx