And It Stoned Me (Van Morrison Cover)

December 4, 2016

hey guys !
hope you’re all having a delightful weekend !
here is the new video for you ….
we had a day off in BRIGHTON last week so we ventured out in to the sussex countyside and found a pretty sweet little spot 🙂
the song is called “and it stoned me” and its one of my favourite van morrison tunes .
its all worked out pretty nicely as we’re about to play in BELFAST which i believe to be his home town ….
massive thank you as always to my phenomenal band and crew for always being so up for making these videos even when it means nearly freezing to death 😉
please share it about if you can and have a lovely sunday evening !!
lots of love .
mike xx

UK & Ireland Tour – Dublin

December 4, 2016

i have so much love for you DUBLIN !!!
you’re always brilliant and i feel so lucky to have such an amazing irish fan base 🙂 thank you.
hoping to be back in the summer …. more news on that soon !
loads of love in the meantime xx
really looking forward to the BELFAST show tonight and remember to check out the new video later on 😉
mike xx15304451_10154488963123964_4977923970477377271_o

UK & Ireland Tour – Manchester

December 2, 2016

as an arsenal fan its never much fun going to football matches in MANCHESTER (as we usually lose ….) but its always an amazing town to play music in 🙂 thanks a million to all of you for packing out the O2 Apollo Manchester – it was a glorious show !!
DUBLIN – its great to be back and I’m massively looking forward to playing back to back Vicar Streets …. see ya for round one tonight xx15289295_10154482939463964_9137322798338671755_o

UK & Ireland Tour – Birmingham

November 30, 2016

thank you so much for having us BIRMINGHAM !! yet another brilliant gig 🙂 i have to say my homeland has done us proud on this run xxx
one last english show tonight at the beautiful O2 Apollo Manchester and then off across the irish sea …
all remaining shows are now sold out xx
*photo by Bryan Dos Reis


UK & Ireland Tour – London

November 29, 2016

two absolutely mind-blowing shows at Eventim Apollo !!!! I’m pretty sure they were my favourite ever LONDON gigs and that is saying something as there have been a few 😉
thank you soooooooooo much to all of you that made it so special xxxxx
really looking forward to BIRMINGHAM tonight !!


Passenger | The Wind ( Cat Stevens Cover )

November 28, 2016

hello everyone !!
hope you’ve all had a great weekend ?
here is the new video and something a little different for you this time ….. its so much fun doing these songs with the band but i thought for this one i’d strip it back to just me and a guitar 🙂
its one of my favourite Yusuf / Cat Stevens songs called “the wind” . its only a couple of minutes long but just has the most beautiful melody and guitar part …. hope you guys enjoy it !!
we shot it in a lovely old lighthouse in PLYMOUTH . such a nice little spot (although interesting getting all of the sound and video equipment up there ….)
as ever , a huge thanks to Bryan Dos Reis for consistently shooting these videos so beautifully and also to simon and chris for their patience and audio expertise x
please , if you enjoy the video then do us a massive favour and share it with your fwends 🙂
this video is for luke and amelia x
love .
mike xx

Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan Cover)

November 20, 2016

hey passengers !!
hope you’re all well .
we’re about to go on stage in BRIGHTON but here is our new “sunday night video” for you ….
after traveling through europe for 6 weeks (which for the most part was bloody freezing) we eventually made it to BARCELONA for the last gig and were treated to some glorious sunshine and one of the best shows of the tour !!!!this week its one of my favourite BOB DYLAN songs and is kind of perfect for this time of year .its called “girl from the north country” and for those of you that don’t know it there are some amazing early versions on youtube that you should check out . the man is a genius !!Bryan Dos Reis you have truly outdone yourself this time . thank you for putting so much time and effort in !!i know i ask this every time but please do keep sharing these videos around if its not too much hassle 🙂 loads of love .mike xxx

When We Were Young – Official Video

November 10, 2016

hey guys ,
here is the video for my new single “when we were young” (and no its not an adele cover ;-))
we shot it in an amazing little pub in london and i had the best day hanging out with everyone – total sweethearts all of them !!!
its a simple video and a simple song but one that hopefully touches on something that we all feel .
massive thanks to james lees and all of the crew and cast for making it so fun and easy .
thank you so much for watching and please , as ever , share it around if you can .
all the best .
mike x