📢UK TOUR 2021📢

Hello everyone !!
Hope you're all doing really well ?!
I’m cautiously excited to be able to give you a little update on our uk tour 😳 (news on other territories coming sooooooon !!)
At present it looks like it will be going ahead as planned at the end of the summer 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
The idea of getting on a tour bus and playing some of my favourite venues to actual human beings in real life is a pretty wonderful one 😢😢
Obviously , as we all know very well by now , things can change but here are the dates as they currently stand !
A few things to mention - 
* we have been advised that our Belfast and Dublin shows will have to be delayed for a little while longer 😣 gutted !! I promise they won’t be too far off !!!
* the first show at PRYZM in Kingston is a special one in conjunction with Banquet Records and you need to buy a copy of “songs for the drunk and broken hearted” from Banquet to be able to attend ( link below )
* I’m delighted to say that I will be playing at Moseley Folk & Arts Festival in Birmingham on the 5th of September !!
* Brighton and Nottingham have already sold out and the others are getting close 🙈 grab yours here ( if you wanna come along 👍
Phew 😅
A lot of information … sorry …. And as I said I will be updating you on Europe , North America , Australia and New Zealand dates as soon as we know what the hell we’re doing haha ….
I cant wait to play shows and see you all soon . Thank you so much for your patience .
Lots of love .
Mike xx