New Album "Birds That Flew and Ships That Sailed" OUT NOW !!

Umm …. Hello everyone … sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently … the truth is we’ve been working on something behind the scenes for a little while which I am now tremendously excited to be able to share with you all ….. 🥁 ……
I’m delighted to say that my 14th studio album “birds that flew and ships that sailed” is out now !!! 🥳
We thought it would be cool to just drop it out of the blue instead of going down the usual “bullying you all in to pre ordering / pre saving “ route haha …..
Its a bit nerve-racking tbh …. Not having any build up to something like this and then just dropping an album out in to the world and sending it on its way … We’re also releasing this entirely independently which means that there are no record labels / radio pluggers / press teams etc …. Just me and my amazing little team ….. as a result , its really just down to word of mouth …. So please do me a huge favour and share this post or tag your friends in if you can 🙏
Its available to stream / download from all of the usual places and you can also buy cds and vinyls from here - 
I’m really proud to have teamed up with Plastic Bank - a brilliant organisation that focus on pulling huge amounts of plastic out of the ocean . Every order made from our web store will equate to 50 plastic bottles …. So unless you hate turtles you should probably buy a copy 😇
We also have a brand new video for the lead track "blink of an eye" - .  I’m so thrilled with how this came out …. Its an ambitious idea for a song and a massively ambitious idea for a video ! Huge thanks to Raja Virdi , Joseph Goldman and all of the amazing actors and crew for doing such a brilliant job ( full list of credits under the video on youtube ) . 
My hope is that this will be a nice bit of good news for anyone that likes my music …. goodness knows we’ve had enough shit news recently …. So yeah , I hope that this makes your day a little brighter wherever you are in the world !!
Please let me know what you think of the album …. Unless you hate it …. In which case maybe don't 😉
Thanks so much for listening to my music .
Mike xx