New album - Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted

Hello everyone !!
Hope you’re all doing really well ?!
I’m extremely excited to announce that my 13th album (😅) “songs for the drunk and broken hearted” is now available to pre order from here - 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
It has been a long , winding and sometimes frustrating road to get this one finished . We had the first version done and dusted in the early months of this year and the initial plan was to release it in may …. I decided to hold it back as it just felt like a bit of a waste to put it out during lockdown with no real means of promoting it ….
I’m soooo glad that I made that decision …. I ended up writing a bunch of new , and frankly better songs , and over the last few months have been beavering away recording the new ones and adding to / editing the existing tracks .
The result of which I am truly delighted with 🙈
I honestly feel like this is my best work to date (although im sure I’ve said that every time I’ve released a new record ...🙄😇)
The album will be released on the 8th of January but as I mentioned earlier is now available for pre order.
It is available on cd and vinyl and there is the option to purchase the “deluxe” version on both formats (this includes a separate disk with acoustic / stripped back versions of all of the songs … bargain 😉) there are also some really cool bundles so please do check it out if you have time !
Also , If you preorder any format of the record through the passenger store you will get exclusive access to a one time only broadcast of “Passenger from the Royal Albert Hall” which , not so surprisingly , will be me (passenger) … playing at the Royal Albert Hall ….. 😅
I’ll be playing a mixture of songs from the new album and a few old favourites as well . This will be aired on the week of release and is probably the closest thing that we can get to a release party at the moment …. It would be amazing to have as many of you there as possible ☺️
The final thing to mention is that the physical packaging is all made from fully or at least partly recycled material (even the shrink wrap is biodegradable !) and we are also proud to be working with
Eden Reforestation Projects
and will be planting a tree for every order made through our web store .
Sorry …. A lot of info !
Thank you so much for your time . I really hope you enjoy these songs when they're out in the world . For now though I’ll leave you with the album artwork - beautifully created by
Sarah Larnach Artist
All my love and thanks .
Mike xx
Ps look out for a new video on Friday …. 🤡