Remember To Forget

Hello you lot !!
Hope you’re all keeping happy and well ?!
I’m delighted to be able to share another song / video with you from my new album “songs for the drunk and broken hearted” which is coming out in under a month 🥳🥳🥳 (you can pre order signed copies from my website if you so wish)
This song is called “remember to forget” and rather like “suzanne” it focusses on an equally drunk and brokenhearted character that most people will be familiar with …..
Its a song for the guy that staggers over to you and your mates whilst your having a few quiet beers and tries to gatecrash the party . The guy that stumbles in to your table whilst your having dinner with your girlfriend / boyfriend / significant other and sloshes beer over you both , he’s the guy who stands too close to you talking nonsense with whiskey and cigarette breath whilst you’re watching your football team lose …. He’s the guy who climbs up on stage and tries to be the bands new lead singer …..
I think we’ve all met this guy at some stage in our lives and have probably done our best to ignore him .
He breaks my heart , for although his actions are annoying and clumsy , all he’s really trying to do is connect with people .
I think a huge part of my songwriting over the years has been telling people’s stories - not always remarkable ones - and I think its about time this guy got one .
A special thanks to actor Bret Jones for his remarkable performance . It was absolutely incredible watching him do his thing .
As ever , please feel free to share this song and video with anyone you feel may relate to it . It really is a massive help .
Thanks so much for watching and listening .
Mike xx