Songs For The Drunk And Broken Hearted - The New Album Out Now

Hey everyone !!!
The big day has finally arrived and I’m delighted to say that my 13th studio album “songs for the drunk and broken hearted” is OUT NOW !!
You can listen to it on all streaming platforms or buy a physical copy here - . massive thanks to everyone who has already preordered it … you guys are the best !
I couldn’t be prouder of this record . Its been a long and winding road to get to this point but I think the album is all the better for it …..
We thought we’d finished it early last year - had it all mixed and mastered and ready to come out in May but due to lockdown / general global meltdown we decided to hold it back and I’m so glad we did …
In that time I wrote a bunch of new songs and ended up adding a few of them to the album … one of which is here for your listening and viewing pleasure 😇
Its called “sword from the stone” and I really love it.
some of you might remember that it also featured on my “patchwork” album released in the summer …😅… I’m not in the habit of putting the same track on multiple albums but the two versions are so different that I think / hope its ok 😇
When I wrote it I knew that I’d stumbled across something special . I write a lot of songs and I like most of them , but every now and then one comes along that feels really fresh and exciting .
I wrote it in the first lockdown when I was feeling pretty wonky and weird about the world and as a result I feel like it might have captured something that has been universally experienced this year - The way that time has seemed to pass horribly slowly and strangely quickly all at once and the emotional rollercoaster that we have all been on since this thing began .
we were lucky enough to escape to the beautiful highlands of Scotland to shoot the video 🥰 we wanted an epic visual backdrop to match the feel of the song but also to juxtapose the claustrophobic theme of the lyrics .
A huge thank you to Raja Virdi , Joseph Goldman , Pieter Snyman , Mila Austin , Hugo Holford , John Speirs , Sam Marr, Lara Abrami , Sergio Mangas , Pete Maughan , Mike Guest , David Murray , Connor Coolbear , Oliver Whitworth , Electric Theatre Collective and Phase Films for making this video so beautiful !
A gigantic thank you to Chris Vallejo , Matt Fury , Peter Marin , Rob Calder , Benny Edgar , Jon Solo , Ross Irwin , Andrew Phillips , Karl Brazil , Owen Parker , Jerry Meehan , Georgia Mooney , Kirsty Mangan , Charlotte Jacke , Sarah Larnach and Bob Ludwig for making this album sound and look as it does .
A massive thanks to Dan Medland , Rebekah Tayler and everyone at IE Music , Nettwerk , Cooking Vinyl , The Annex , Dedikated PR , JBPR , Sassy Media , Hart Media and all the incredible pr teams around the world for helping to get this record out in to the world .
I’m so lucky to have this extraordinary team of people that believe in what I do and work so hard for it .
And lastly , my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your continued and incredible support . i’m so proud to have you all as fans and friends . I really do hope that you enjoy listening to this collection of songs as much as we’ve enjoyed recording them .
As ever , please share this album far and wide if you can - it really is the way that passenger has been able to build and grow over the years so please do feel free to spread the word .
thank you for reading and enjoy “songs for the drunk and broken hearted” .
All my love and thanks .
Mike xx