Hello !!
Here is another one from my upcoming album “songs for the drunk and broken hearted” (available for pre order from 😇)
The song is called “suzanne”.
I wrote it quite a while ago - so long ago in fact that I can just about remember playing it at some of my gigs 👀😢 so some of you may have heard it already … ?
It tells the tale of an older woman that spends her time drinking alone in a bar , thinking back to happier days . A time when she was beautiful and youthful and unaware of what the years would bring (happy Friday … you’re welcome 😉)
A massive thank you again to everyone that was involved in making this video so special . From the actors and actresses to the set design - I’m so proud of this one .
Please share this around if you like it !
All the best and thanks so much for watching .
Mike xx