Sword From The Stone - Gingerbread Mix

Hey gang , hope you’re all having a good Friday ?!
We haven’t heard about the uk number one situation yet but I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we find out !
In the meantime - I wanted to share something that is pretty exciting …..
here is an alternative version of “sword from the stone” created by none other than mr Ed Sheeran 🥳🥳🥳
As a lot of you will know , Ed and I have been friends for a long time and we’ve always talked about collaborating in some way . 
Sometimes when I write a song that I’m really excited about I send it to a handful of people to get their thoughts on it …. My managers and a few songwriter friends etc .
I was buzzing when I wrote this one so I sent a really crappy demo of it to Ed . About seven minutes later I got a call from him saying how much he loved the song and that we should do something with it . After a few weeks of thinking and chatting it through we decided that it would be fun for him to go away with his engineer / producer Joe rubel and come up with an alternative version ….
I absolutely love what they've done to it …. Its a bit quicker and punchier and lets face it , probably a little more radio friendly 😇😇😇 
There are now several versions of this song out in the world and I hope that we’ve catered for everyones tastes haha . 
As ever please stream this song and share this video as much as you can - you guys have already been so generous with your time but if I can ask you to do it once more i'd greatly appreciate it !
Huge thanks to Ed for his immense generosity and brilliant brain box ! To Joe for his superb production and for being so patient ! And also to Sam Coldy for creating the wonderful video👍👍👍
And lastly , Thank you so much for reading / listening !!
And now without further ado here it is - “sword from the stone - the gingerbread mix" …. Enjoy xx