The Way That I Love You - Official Video

Hello everyone .
I really hope you’re all doing ok and you’re as safe as you can be at this very strange time .
I wanted to share a song with you all as I believe that in the darkest of times art and music are more important than ever .
i’m usually quite guarded about what I share of my personal life but I feel like I need to tell the story of this song for it to be fully understood …. (I’ll keep it brief)
Its called “the way that I love you” . I wrote it a little while ago for my girlfriend . At the time it just felt like a really sweet love song but unfortunately a few weeks later we ended up breaking up 🙁
it was only then that I realised that it wasn’t just a love song but perhaps subconsciously my way of saying goodbye .
I hope this song helps anyone who has been through something similar , I hope it comforts you if you can’t be with the people you love at this time .
if it does resonate with you then please do me a favour and share it with people who might take comfort from it . Who might , just for a couple of minutes be taken away from all of this scary stuff …
Massive thanks to raja virdi , joseph goldman , molly fleet, rosie day , tristan chenais , sepehr azadi , maxime beauquesne , loich lambert , ruben dedz , chris vallejo , roxy mirza , jenn sanders , sam marr , oliver whitworth , connor coolbear , dan medland and rebekah tayler for creating this wonderful video . I cant believe that we were in a very “normal” Paris filming just 10 days ago 🙁 special love to anyone in that beautiful city that happens to be watching … (btw can you spot my cameo ?!?!)
My instinct in a time like this would be to go out and play and to get people together but obviously that is not going to happen …. So instead I’m going to do two things .
1.From this Sunday evening (7pm uk time) I will be doing a little live stream on my youtube channel . Just a few songs to help feel connected with you all . My intention is to then do it as a weekly thing … please if you would like to see it then make sure you subscribe !!
2.I will be spending some time everyday on here answering any comments and questions …. Its something I used to do years ago and had to stop as life got too busy …. its suddenly not as busy as it was …. So please stop by and say hello on here under the “visitor posts” section and we can keep each other company 🙂
I love you all . I feel so grateful for this community of people and I really hope we can get through this as quickly and painlessly as possible .
Mike xx