South American Tour – Live in Montevideo, Uruguay 09 Mar 2019

URUGUAY – it’s difficult to know what to say . It’s hard to put in to words how it feels to be accepted by a country in the way that you have accepted me .

Since coming here a few weeks ago with Ed Sheeran the support and love that You guys have shown has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced before .

It was a risk to organise a last minute headline show here … it was a lot of work and meant re routing the tour , changing flights and hotels etc and having faith that if we did it that it would work out .

Not only did it work out but the show (and then the second show) both sold out in under 5 minutes ….
I’ve never done two concerts in a day before …. i didn’t think it was possible … but both shows were truly spectacular . Honestly two of the very best that I can remember and your energy as a crowd made it so easy .
What happened yesterday is something that I will remember forever .

I really hope we can come back again soon – I’ll let you guys know when there is any news on that . In the meantime just know that I am so hugely grateful for everything .

All my love .
Mike xxx

Photos by Jarrad Seng Photography