Everything 23 Dec 2015

hello passengers , how are you all ??

i just wanted to share this with you . its the final video of the year and i hope quite a special one to end with !!

Jarrad Seng Photography shot it over the last few weeks as we traveled around australia and new zealand . i was lucky enough to be opening up for Ed Sheeran as well as busking in each city as we went .it was such an incredible feeling to be able to play to thousands of people in a stadium one night and then strip it back to busking the next .

it was also pretty surreal as a few of the spots were exactly the same ones that i used to busk in years ago , before any of the madness had happened …..
i used to busk for hours everyday in these places , often to just a handful of listeners , so to come back a few years on and play to an audience of hundreds or even thousands of people was something that i can’t really put in to words .
i hope the video shows how magical these moments were ….
there is a beautiful simplicity to busking that i have loved since i started and that i’ve missed since i’ve been doing it less . i hope that i can do a lot more of it next year and get to as many of you as possible in this way

the song is called “everything” and its one of my favourites of the new batch .
i chose it specifically for this video because it touches on exactly the thing i’ve been talking about . the process of going from one thing to another and then how we adapt and evolve as a result .
it constantly uses the words “nothing , something , anything and everything” and i guess tries to challenge our interpretation of what these words mean .
i really hope you enjoy the song and video and if you do then please feel free to like , comment and share it around .

lots of love to Foy Vance , Rudimental and of course ed for being such great tour buddies .

i hope you all have an amazing christmas and new year whereever you are .

all my love .

mike xx