3 million passengers on facebook !!!! 30 Nov 2014

3,000,000 !!!!!!!!!!!
3 million passengers on face book !!!!
this is getting beyond ridiculous . i remember a few years ago when i had 2000 and most days it would go up by three or four people …. sometimes it would stay the same or even go down by one or two .when it got to 1 million this time last year i was ecstatic and pretty sure that it had got as big as it could .at the beginning of this year i had honestly prepared myself for a lot of people to start unliking this page as i knew that i wouldn’t have a huge hit single on “whispers” like i did with on the previous record and i thought it would make sense that i would start playing smaller venues again and that the social media numbers would drop .

as i suspected – the radio single didn’t happen – I’m not surprised nor upset by this – i don’t really make the kind of music that fits on mainstream radio . its not produced in that specific way and I’m too much of a grizzled old road dog to be a pop star haha .

what has been a massive and wonderful surprise to me though is that not only has it not dropped off but the numbers on here have tripled and i’m playing bigger and better gigs than ever before .

what i’m really trying to say is that I’m enormously proud of what we have achieved together and will be forever grateful to all of you for letting me do this . it fills me with such encouragement and hope that through the support of passionate music fans alone this thing can keep on growing and growing .

thank you to everyone who has liked , commented and shared my status’s , pictures and videos . to all of you who have come to gigs and busking sessions and to those of you who live in cities and countries i’m yet to visit . i hope i can get everywhere eventually 

this time last year i was sure it couldn’t get any bigger . now , in the best possible way , I’m really not sure of anything .

love and thanks to you all . mike xxxxx