Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers cover) 06 Nov 2016

evening / morning folks !!
we’re just about to go on stage in BARCELONA but thought we’d pop the new “sunday night video” up for you first 🙂
its a total classic this week and i’m sure most of you will know it …. we’ve been playing it at the last few gigs and i think it might be my favourite so far – its a great singalong and it lets john solo (keys) and benny edgar (guitar) bust out some pretty sweet solos !!!
we filmed it on top of an incredible building in HAMBURG that was originally built as a bunker in the second world war .
i have to say a special thank you to all of the band and crew for this one – the weather was pretty grim and it was a “day off” after playing five big shows in six days …. I’m so humbled to be working with people who care so much , work so hard and are so immensely talented !!!
so here it is – “aint no sunshine” by the phenomenal bill withers . hope it warms up a chilly sunday evening for you all 🙂
share it around if you can – it makes us feel special 😉
love ya !
mike x
ps hopefully german fans can now watch this on youtube ????xxx