The Only Boy Living In New York 25 Aug 2014

hello everyone , hope you’re all good ….
here is the third video in our american tour series .
this week it comes from one of my favourite spots on earth – new york’s central park . 

this is quite a special one for me for a couple of reasons . firstly i’ve been coming to this part of the world since i was a kid as my dad grew up a few hours away in new jersey and i still have a lot of family and friends in new york and on the east coast .
central park has always amazed me as one minute you can be in the hustle and bustle of the city and the next thing you know you’re in this beautiful green expanse . i love it .

secondly , and i’ve said this before …. but growing up my favourite album was simon and garfunkle live in central park .
we used to listen to it over and over again in the car to the point that the cassette broke and the sound went all wobbly ( wow i feel old saying that …. )
so when we got offered a gig there this summer i jumped at the chance .
the gig was phenomenal and just before i played we found a quiet spot by the lake to shoot this video .
it felt right to do a simon and garfunkle song and what better than “the only living boy in new york” .

as always – please feel free to share it around as much as you possibly can !! you’re likes , comments and shares mean the world to us !!!

if you haven’t seen the other two videos in the series you can find them on the passenger youtube page (“sailing to philadelphia” and “angel from montgomery”)

as always my love and thanks to Stu Larsen and The Once ….. it is just such a pleasure to play and sing with you !!!
to bryan dos reis ( for shooting and editing it all so beautifully .
simon kemp , james scott and russ matterson for their hard work and patience .
dan medland , chris vallejo and thomas stein for being legends !!

i hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it . loads of love . mike xxxx

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