Can You Feel The Love Tonight 17 Oct 2016

good evening everyone !!
hope you’re all having a delightful weekend 🙂
here is the third video in our “sunday night video” series .
this week’s comes from just outside of HELSINKI …. in the “forests of Finland” (which has a nice ring to it i think ;-))
I’m sure most of you will recognise the song …. its Elton John’s “can you feel the love tonight”.
its just the sweetest song in the world and its been so much fun to play at gigs ….. turns out you’re never too old for disney !!!
please please please share it around as much as possible …. even if you don’t like the song …. do it for the squirrel …. and mufasa 😉
huge thanks to my wonderful band and crew (who almost froze to death in the making of this video) and to the insanely gifted Jarrad Seng Photography who just keeps getting better and better .
really hope you enjoy this one !!
mike xxx