Eagle Bear Buffalo – Official Video 12 Oct 2018

Hello !! Hope you’re all well !!

im really looking forward to kicking off the NORTH AMERICAN TOUR in a couple of days in NASHVILLE which apparently has just SOLD OUT !

there are really limited tickets for a few of the other shows now so grab them from passengermusic.com/live if you wanna come along !!

For now though , video number eight …

This is “EAGLE BEAR BUFFALO” and we had the immense pleasure of hanging out in Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area for a few days whilst making it .

This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip ! I’ve always dreamed of going to this place and it absolutely lived up to expectation 

As always a huge thanks to Jarrad Seng for the beautiful cinematography and also to Rachel Cudmore for being such a fantastic guide and for showing us this magical place .

We’ve teamed up with the amazing people at Sierra Club who are battling to keep places like Yellowstone as beautiful as they are . Please go and check them out / support if you can .

Thanks so much as always for watching , listening , caring and sharing .

All my love .

Mike x