Everything – Official Video 08 Jan 2017

hello everyone 🙂
hope you’re all good ??
we’re having the most amazing time on our ASIAN tour so far !! i never dreamed that i’d get to play gigs in this part of the world and so far its been incredible !!!
we spent the last few days in SEOUL which was was spectacular (i will post pictures soon !!) and now we’re in TAIWAN …. what crazy little adventure !!
just wanted to give you guys a heads up that a lot of the NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIAN dates are getting close to selling out …..
after playing so many solo shows in both countries i’m really looking forward for you guys to hear the full band 🙂 this will probably be the last tour for a while down under so it would be amazing to see as many of you at the shows as possible !!!!
if you’re keen then you can grab tickets from www.passengermusic.com/live
alright , sales pitch over 😉 below is another video that we shot when we were in ICELAND last year . its for the song “everything” which is the opening track as well as being one of my favourite songs on the album .
it really is such an amazing looking country and i hope this clip does its beauty some justice .
as ever please share it around as best as you can …. it would make me feel a lot better about freezing my ass off in the icelandic snow for three days haha 😉
thank you as always .
loads of love .
mike xxx