Fear Of Fear 07 Apr 2015

hello everyone and happy easter !! hope you’ve all had a great weekend !
here is the third video in the whispers two series . the song is called “fear of fear” and is actually the opening track on the album .
its different to the previous two in that it isn’t character based and doesn’t tell a story about somebody else .
i remember writing it a few years ago one morning with a terrible hangover . i’d been out the night before and for some reason i hadn’t enjoyed it . i don’t know if anyone else ever feels like this but i sometimes think those kinds of social situations can be some of the loneliest times . surrounded by people but feeling completely disconnected ?! dunno , probably me just being a moody singer songwriter …. haha sorry 🙂

the video was all very last minute – we filmed this in my mates pub in brighton ( massive thanks to john and everyone at Good Companions for having us ) and all of the fantastic extras that you will see were very kind passenger fans that turned up to help out with about 3 hours notice – it was such a fun couple of hours and i can’t believe how accommodating everybody was ( special thanks to the ones that actually got drunk in real life to get in to character …. at 9am …. thats true commitment ;-))
i was in the middle of a very long tour so i think i look a bit knackered but i guess it adds to the general sentiment 🙂

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you can preorder your copy of whispers two here and remember all profit from every sale goes directly to UNICEF UK .
thank you all as always and take care til next time .
mike xxx

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