Hello everyone ,

Wow …. Its been a long time !! Hope you’re all doing really well ?!

I’ve had an amazing few months off – travelling around and spending time with family and friends …. Its been glorious and just what the doctor ordered 

I am however delighted to say that I’ll be getting back on the road this summer to play a handful of festivals around Europe and North America !!! I genuinely can’t wait to get back to playing again !!!

Ridiculously some of these shows are already close to selling out so please grab your tickets soonish if you fancy coming along !

I should also say that all gigs throughout the summer will be solo performances … I loved playing with the band so much and there will definitely be more of that to come in the future , but for now its back to just me and a guitar 

There are many more announcements to come over the next few weeks and months but for now I’ll pop myself back in to hibernation mode for a little while longer 

I can’t wait to see you all again .

Loads of love .

Mike xx

Ps there are still a few festivals to announce so watch this space …

Pps all tickets from https://passengermusic.com/live/