Fools Gold 08 Oct 2015

hello everyone ,
hope you’re all having a lovely weekend 🙂
here is the third and final video from the recent north american tour.

most of the footage is from our time on the east coast and the performance was shot on a rooftop in new york (thanks so much to Billboard for letting us use the space !!)

the song is called “fools gold” and its about seeing the value and simple beauty within nature and people instead of spending a life time chasing after things that don’t actually mean anything ….

one more massive thank you to bryan dos reis for giving so much time , energy and love to these videos . you’re a total legend x
i think this one might be my favourite out of the three ….

you guys have been so kind with your comments and amazing at sharing these videos around – it makes the time and work that go in to making them feel so so worthwhile – keep on sharing if you can 🙂
really hope you like this one .
mike xx

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.26.43 am