He Leaves You Cold – Official Video 02 Nov 2018

Hello you lot ! How are you all ?

we’ve been having the most excellent time here in NORTH AMERICA 🙂 VANCOUVER and SEATTLE were exceptional and looking forward to playing in PORTLAND this evening ! I really do love the north west 🙂

here is the 9th video from “RUNAWAY”  and it’s for a song called “ HE LEAVES YOU COLD”

This is by far the oldest song on the record . It was written over ten years ago when I was in my early twenties and to be really honest I’d all but forgotten about it and certainly never imagined it would eventually find its way on to a record .

Usually when I make an album I go in to the studio with twelve to fifteen songs and once they’re recorded we pick the best ten or eleven . With runaway I was convinced that I had the ten songs for the record and foolishly didn’t record any backups …. Of course when listening back to everything on the final day of recording with the band there was one song that for whatever reason hadn’t quite come out as well as the other nine .

My producer chris asked if there were any other songs floating about that might fit well . I spent several hours going back through the archives and eventually remembered this one . I was sceptical at first and found it hard to believe that a song written so long ago could co exist with all of my newest ones . I’m so glad that we ended up giving it a go . It actually ended up being a really important moment on the album and I’ve had a number of people saying that its they’re favourite (don’t know what that says about my song writing trajectory haha ;-))

For the video , tbh there wasn’t much of a plan other than to end up somewhere wintery and beautiful . That place turned out to be ASPEN, COLORADO …. An absolutely beautiful little ski town nestled within the Rocky Mountains (special to any dumb and dumber fans …. I fucking love that movie!!!)

We only had one day to make it so we opted to keep it very simple .

Needless to say it was absoluty freezing and kept the running theme of uncomfortable filming environments going beautifully 😉

As always a mahoooooooosive thank you to my buddy jarrad seng for filming and editing and to stu larsen and chris vallejo for braving the weather with us .

We’ve thrown so much content at you guys over the last few months … thank you all so much for your continued support . Watch , enjoy and share with your friends if you can .

All the best and thank you again .

Mike xx