Hotel California (The Eagles cover) 09 Apr 2017

hello everyone ! hope this finds you all well 🙂
we’re in ATLANTA for the last show of the north american tour so it feels like the perfect time to share the latest and last “sunday night video” for a while ….
we had a day off after the san diego show last week so we drove out to a pretty surreal place called salton sea beach . its an old abandoned town on the edge of a saltwater lake about three hours in land from the coast .
it was a really weird place . left to decay and forgotten about other than a few remaining residents .
we arrived later than expected and were battling to get something shot before the sun went down . in the end we decided to do the whole thing in one take …. this is a pretty tricky way of doing it as means there are no edits so there can’t be any fuck ups …. from anyone ….
after multiple attempts we managed to get a great take just before the sun disappeared . a big relief i have to say !
i should think most of you will know this one ….. “hotel california” by the Eagles . what a magical song .
thanks to my brilliant and patient band and crew for saying yes to the “sunday night video” project . touring is exhausting enough without spending your days off filming and I really am massively appreciative !!
an enormous thank you to Jarrad Seng Photography . your photos and videos just get better and better and i feel so lucky to have worked on such a body of work together . may there be many more weird and wonderful moments to come !
and lastly to you guys – its been so much fun making these videos for you and we’ve been completely blown away by the response . thank you all so much for watching , sharing and for your wonderful feedback !!!
please help us go out with a bang and share this as much as possible 🙂
so much love to you all .
mike xxx