Isolation Sunday Live Stream #1 22 Mar 2020

Hey guys ,

Thank you all so much for tuning in to the first live stream ! I had such a good time and It was so lovely to feel connected to all of you for a little while 🙂

Here is the stream incase you missed it … it will be up for the next few days .

I’ll be doing it again next week same time , same place – 7pm uk time on youtube!!

If you want to watch it live then remember to subscribe to the passenger YouTube channel and press the little bell icon whilst you’re there 🙂

In the meantime , please remember to leave your song requests for the next stream – big thanks to Stepanie Lehner for being a genius and setting up this poll system , which we are now stealing haha …. If you have posted requests already then please request them again in said poll … sorry , working this out as we go a little bit …..

Loads of love . Stay safe and positive and I’ll see you next sunday xx