Japan 16 Nov 2015

hello everyone , hope you’re all doing ok !
sorry i’ve been so quiet on here – it feels like ages since i’ve posted anything ….
its been quite a busy time behind the scenes with lots of exciting passenger related things going on 🙂 some of which will be announced throughout this week so keep an eye out (especially if you live in AUSTRALIA….. )

for now though , i wanted to share something with you all . 
i was recently lucky enough to spend some time in JAPAN – a country that i’ve been fascinated by for many years and has always been high on the bucket list of places to visit .
i was only there for a week but it completely blew my mind . the people , the food and the culture generally was like nothing i’d ever experienced before . i really hope i can go back one day to explore it further and perhaps play a gig or two …..

whilst i was there i recorded this song with a few really good friends of mine – some of you will be familiar with Stu Larsen and Natsuki Kurai (if not then please check out there music when you can ) they’re two of the best people that i know and both extremely talented dudes . we were also joined by natuski’s lovely wife chica and their unbelievably cute 6 month old daughter nagi (listen out at the end of the track for her guest vocals …. pretty adorable :-))

in light of the recent heartbreaking events in paris , beirut and other areas of the world , i’d like to dedicate this song to anyone that has been directly or in fact indirectly affected by it all . it feels like a strange time at the moment . a time where it is perhaps easy to forget the good in people and the beauty that we create as human beings and to focus only on the tragic and terrible things that we do to each other and the environment . i don’t want to make a big statement here , only to offer this song in the hope that by putting something simple and positive out in to the world that it might help in some small way .

thanks so much for taking the time to read this and hope you enjoy the song .

mike xx