Kathy’s Song with Gregory Alan Isakov (Simon & Garfunkel Cover) 30 Oct 2016

hello everyone !
sorry for the intrusion but i just wanted to share our new “sunday night video” with you .
its a little different this week – i gave the band a much needed day off 😉 and instead recruited this guy ….
for those of you that haven’t heard gregory alan isakov’s music please try to set a little time aside to do so . you won’t be disappointed !!!!
i first stumbled across him around three years ago and very quickly became an enormous fan . there is something about the way that he writes and delivers his songs that i find amazingly sincere and beautiful .
after every gig of the “whispers” world tour i would get back to my dressing room and put on his album . there was something really calming about it that allowed me to come down from the shows and it became a really nice and important part of the post gig ritual .
cut to a couple of years later and i’m lucky enough to call him a friend and watch his set every night before we go on 🙂 i love how these things work out ….. if you’re coming to any of the uk / european dates make sure you’re there in time for his set !!!
the song is (another) paul simon one …. sorry …. not his most famous and some of you may not know it but i think it is one of his very best moments . its called “kathy’s song” and i really hope you all enjoy it .
another change in formation see’s my good mate bryan dos reis take over from jarrad seng photography behind the camera . i am so lucky to be able to work with both of these talented and brilliant dudes . what a gorgeous bit of filming …..
i feel like such a broken record but if you feel like sharing it that would be amazing .
thank you so much for watching and for the amazing support .
mike xx