Let Her Go – 1,000,000,000 plays! 03 Jun 2016

hey everyone !

hope you’ve all had a good week and have a lovely weekend ahead of you ?!

i don’t tend to write big emotive posts on here but something pretty special has happened and i’d love to share it with you all ….

its not everyday that one of my songs reaches a billion views on youtube …. in fact its never happened before and its extremely unlikely that it will ever happen again .

just a handful of songs have ever made it to this number and honestly its a wonderful and ridiculous feeling to think that one of them is mine .

i remember writing it backstage at a tiny gig in australia in 2011 ….i think …
it only took about 45 minutes to write from start to finish which i think is often a good sign with a song . if it comes out quickly it generally means that it hasn’t been overthought and there is often a natural quality to it .

i remember being proud and thinking there was something special about it but at the time i was a busker and i’d never had any of my songs played on the radio or do well in any commercial sense ….. it wasn’t even something that i thought about as it felt like such an impossibility . how could someone in that position , playing to just a few people in a pub or a street corner with no financial backing and no record label ever dream of such a remarkable outcome for a song …. and so i didn’t think about it because honestly it made me feel sad ….

what happened after that is kind of a blur . through a combination of luck , timing , working with amazing people and it being a catchy song 😉 it managed to somehow wriggle its way on to mainstream radio and from there it went on to top charts around the world . my entire life had changed over night . i suddenly went from playing these tiny pub gigs to humongous festival stages and tv shows …
the song was everywhere . when i’d get in to a cab or at an airport or sometimes i’d hear a busker sing it which always filled my heart with pride . it even turned up at halftime of the flipping Super Bowl on a Budweiser advert …. it truly was the kind of thing that a ten year old would dream about .

the most amazing thing about it by far though were the messages that i started receiving .
messages from people all over the world telling me about what the song meant to them . i’d hear the most incredible stories about how it had helped them through tough times or break-ups or even divorces . people would tell me about it being played at weddings and birthdays and even funerals across the globe . people falling in and out of love with my song as their soundtrack .
as a songwriter and in fact as a human being this is the most incredibly humbling feeling and something that i will never forget .

i hope i’m not rambling , its just that its only at moments like this that i actually realise the insanity of the situation and although i’ve told this story a lot in interviews or on stage , its only now and then that i really get my head around it and understand what has happened and today is one of those times .

none of this would have been remotely possible without you guys so really what i am trying to say is thank you . a genuine and heartfelt thank you . to all of you . wherever you may be in the world and whether it was “let her go” that got you on to my music or not .
thank you for helping this unbelievable fairytale become a reality .

so here it is ….. a song that was written in 45 minutes with a video that cost $3000 dollars to make ….. x