Let’s Go (Official Video) 23 Nov 2018

Hello everyone !!

Hope things are good with all of you …

Here is the very last video from the runaway series !!! Number 28 I believe ….. its been quite a journey and I am so so thankful to all of you who have come along for the ride  one last massive thank you also to Jarrad Seng , Stu Larsen and Chris Vallejo for helping me bring this ridiculously ambitious project to life !!!!!!

This final one is “lets go” and its a big mashup / montage of the entire road trip .

It was all shot on an old super8 camera that Jarrad Seng borrowed for the trip . The idea was that we would have it lying around and it would be up to all four of us to pick it up every now and then and film a load of little snapshots of our adventure .

The thing is , unless you’re an expert its very difficult to know if the thing is actually working or not so we had no idea if we were doing it right and if there would be anything to show for it all at the end …. Luckily it did work and the video below is the result .

It feels like a very long time ago now that we were cavorting around America filming all of this . So much has happened since . I’d like to sincerely thank all of you that have bought / streamed / watched / shared and listened to the album . The love has been phenomenal . Also to the thousands of you that came along to the shows – thank you for supporting me and my music and for making the gigs so special .

Thank you also to my wonderful touring family – thomas , chris , simon , Ian and Roxy and also my management team – dan , rebekah , Fran and everyone at i.e . Thank you for caring so much and working so hard .

One last special thanks to my amazing support acts – Lucy Rose, Ken Yates, Winterbourne, Chris Simmons, Steph Grace, Luke Thompson and Eddie Berman . What a damn pleasure !!!!

We have two more left for the year – PERTH this evening which is sold out and then on Sunday we’re at the 3 Oceans Wine Company – Margaret River for which there are still some tickets available so if you’re in this neck of the woods then come down and celebrate the end of this massive year with us 

I will be doing a small amount of touring next year too and we have some really exciting news on that coming shortly so watch this space ….

In the meantime though . A genuine and heartfelt thank you for allowing me to make the music that I love and share it with the world .

All my love .

Mike xxxx