Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover) 09 Oct 2016

hello passengers !!
hope you’re all having a lovely sunday .
here is the second “sunday night video” …..
this week its the classic Joy Division song “love will tear us apart” .
its such a powerful song and lyrically one of my favourites . every line packs such a punch and it captures the moment perfectly .
it wasn’t easy making this video – we shot it on our day off in BERLIN last week . we wanted a classic abandoned building / graffiti covered / hipster berlin backdrop 😉 and found the perfect spot but also the grumpiest security guard on earth …. who now definitely hates me haha … luckily with the help of some very kind locals (including claus and his amazing green truck) we managed to make it happen …..
as always a massive thank you to my band and crew for being so enthusiastic about this project .
big thanks also to Jarrad Seng Photography . this one is one of your best mate 🙂
really hope you guys enjoy this and if you do then please share it around as much as you can . it makes a huge difference .
loads of love . mike xx
ps GERMANY it is so ridiculous that you won’t be able to see this version yet due to the youtube situation ….. we will post an fb video in the next few days xx