New Video ‘Survivors’ and ‘Runaway’ is out now! 31 Aug 2018

Hello everyone !

Hope you’re all having a great day ?!

I am beyond excited to say that my new album RUNAWAY is now out and available to everyone everywhere 🙂 please head over to for all of your streaming / download / cd / vinyl needs 🙂

I really am very proud of this album – We’ve put a huge amount of work in to this one and I really hope you guys enjoy it .

A massive thank you to all of the immensely talented and hard working people that gave their time , love and talent to this project and also to all of you that have already pre ordered or pre saved .

We don’t have a million dollar marketing campaign or a major label behind us . I am an independent artist and we count enormously on you guys to help us get this music out in to the world so please , if you do like the record then feel free to spread the word however you can – play it for your friends and family and share it as much as you can on social media ! I can’t tell you what an enormous affect this can have .

In the meantime , here is the 6th video from our u.s road trip and my new single “SURVIVORS”

Its a simple song about trying to navigate through all of the advertising / brainwashing / confusion and bullshit of the modern world. About trying to find something or someone real and meaningful in this narcissistic and throw away culture that we find ourselves in .

We filmed it in Times Square and around Manhattan as it felt like one of the finest examples of modern day sensory overload !

Hope you guys enjoy it .

Thank you as always for your amazing love and support . I am so so proud and lucky to have you guys with me on this magical and insane adventure .

All my love and thanks .

Mike x