Nothing Compares To You – Minneapolis 08 Sep 2014

hello everyone – here is the 5th video in our american tour series .

a few months ago when i first came up with this cover song idea – i started to go through the cities and venues that we would be passing through . as soon as i saw that we were playing First Avenue in Minneapolis my mind immediately shot to one artist . there is no one like him . he’s an icon and undoubtedly one of the most unique and technically gifted musicians that has ever lived …. he is of course …..

JUSTIN BIEBER ….. sorry Justin ….. just joking 🙂

PRINCE is originally from this city and made this venue famous by playing it a bunch of times and also shooting scenes here from his movie “purple rain” – it was pretty surreal to be playing this song in a dressing room that he must have been in so many times .

this one has a very different feel to the other videos – Bryan ( decided to shoot it in black and white and i think it gives it a really great quality . also geri is taking the lead for this one as it was Sinead O’Connor’s version that became such an enormous hit . i need to say that vocally this is possibly one of the most difficult songs that we could have picked and geri absolutely nailed it . she is a phenomenal talent as are phil and andrew so please if you haven’t done so already – please check out The Once and their new record “departures” !!

anyway , enough of the shameless plugging of my mates haha .

really hope you enjoy this and (sorry …. here i go again) the amount of shares doubled last week and i can’t thank you all enough . please if you like it then do us a huge favour and hit the share button – can’t tell you how much each one means !

loads of love . mike !!

ppps thanks also to stu larsen , simon kemp , james scott , russ materson , chris vallejo , dan medland , thomas stein , prince , sinead o’connor and justin bieber 😉