New Single – London In The Spring

May 1, 2020

Hey folks ,

I hope you’re all well wherever you are , and for those of you in the northern hemisphere I hope you’re enjoying the first few moments of spring (all be it in a fairly limited way 😕)

I wanted to share a song with you that I feel is quite appropriate for the times that we find ourselves living in at the moment .

I wrote it a couple of years ago when I was in London . The weather was glorious and the city was looking incredible , yet as always in London , everybody seemed to be rushing around with their heads down and headphones on without allowing themselves even a moment to enjoy the beautiful weather and views .

So i think this song is about two things . Firstly Its a love letter to London . I grew up under an hour away from it so I think I’ve always taken it for granted . But walking around that day i saw it as the millions of tourists that flock there must see it . Grand and beautiful and bursting with history and life .

Its also a song about slowing down and enjoying the simple things …. Which in a way we have all been forced to do over the last few weeks .

So here is “London in the spring” . I love this song so much and I hope you guys do too .

Massive thanks to Chris , Pete , Benny , Rob , Solo , Ross , Kirsty ,Charlotte and Georgia for making it sound so lovely !

Thanks so much for your time and I hope you enjoy the song .

Link to the full song here –

Mike x

Passenger - London In the Spring

Isolation Live Stream #6

April 28, 2020

Hey everyone !

Hope you’re all good ,

Thanks to all of you for tuning in to the livestream on Sunday and sorry again for my terrible internet 🙄🙄🙄 here it is again (with all of the connection trouble edited out 😉) for anyone who missed it !!

Remember to vote for the album you want to hear this week and I look forward to seeing you again at 7pm on sunday night !

Keep well til then .

Mike xx

Isolation Sunday Live Stream #5

April 20, 2020

Hello everyone ! Thanks so much for tuning in to the live stream last night . Really enjoyed sharing the new stuff with you 

Here is most of it again for those of you that missed it (and the full version is here )

you can vote for the songs that you want to hear this week over here

take good care and see you all again on sunday !

Lots of love .

Mike xx

Sword From The Stone

April 19, 2020

Hello everyone …. Hope you’ve all had a good week and you’re holding up alright !

I’m very much looking forward to tonight’s live stream (7pm uk time on my youtube channel)

As promised I’ll be playing a bunch of new songs that no one has heard before and I’m really looking forward to sharing them with you all 🙃🙃

Talking of new songs – I wrote this a few days ago …. I have to say I really love it . I feel like its very honest and hopefully one that everyone can relate to right now ?! (Especially those isolating alone…)
It also makes me very happy to be able to sing high like this again …. I lost my falsetto years ago due to singing so much and smoking 😔 and I’d just learnt to accept it and work around it within my writing … but over the last year or so its been slowly but surely coming back and I cant tell you how lovely it feels to sing like this again 🤗🤗🤗 ….

I’ve also got a big favour to ask – I’m struggling with what the title should be …. The obvious options would be “how ya doing darling” which im not mad about or “the sword from the stone” which makes me think of hobbits etc … again , not ideal haha …. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below – only serious ones please … unless they’re really funny 🤗

And share it if you like it !

Lots of love and see ya’ll tonight x

Isolation (Monday!) Live Stream #4

April 15, 2020

Hey gang !!

I had so much fun playing some of my favourite cover songs on Monday evening !! Big thank you to all of you that watched it live !

Here it is again if you missed it 🙃

Join me this Sunday at 7pm uk time to hear some brand new passenger songs …. Never played these in public before so should be fun / interesting / terrible haha 😬😬😬

Loads of love , Stay safe and see you soon !

Mike xx


Lewis Capaldi Cover – Someone You Loved

April 12, 2020

Happy Easter Sunday everyone 🙃🙃

Hope you’re having a lovely one even though its probably the weirdest ever …..

Just a reminder that I will be playing a bunch of cover songs tonight at 7pm uk time over on my youtube channel – gonna be really fun 🤗🤗

Here’s the link –

In the meantime here is my version of “someone you loved” by the mighty Lewis Capaldi ….

See ya tonight xxx

Isolation Sunday Live Stream #3

April 6, 2020

Hey guys !

Thanks so much for tuning in to the live stream last night ! I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙃🙃 it was so nice to play all of those old songs again !!!

Here it is again if you missed it yesterday ….

I’ll be back again at 7pm (uk time) next sunday on my youtube channel and this time I’ll be playing a bunch of cover songs – vote for your favourites here

Stay safe and happy til then .

Mike xx

The Venice Canals

April 5, 2020

Happy sunday everyone ,

Hope you’re all doing ok !

Just a reminder that I’ll be going live over on youtube tonight at 7pm uk time and will be attempting to play my album “whispers” (from 2014 😳😳🤦🏻‍♂️) from start to finish …. I’ve had a few run throughs and currently remember at least 47% of the lyrics 🙃 should be interesting / a total train wreck haha ….. here’s the link 

In the meantime , I wrote this song a couple of days ago and wanted to share it with you . It was inspired by the tiny snippets of positive news that are filtering through at the moment . Obviously dwarfed by all of the dreadfully sad and worrying stuff but nevertheless , I find it really helpful to focus on the good bits too ☺️

I keep on hearing little examples of how nature has been responding to the lack of human activity . My favourite story so far has been about the Venice canals . For years and years the water in Venice has been pretty dirty with all of the boats , tourists , litter and pollution etc … but since the lock down apparently the water is now so clear that they can see to the bottom . Not only that but fish are now happily swimming in them ….. I can only imagine how beautiful that must be to witness and it heartens me greatly to know that although this is a really dark time , at least the natural world is able to recuperate a little .

So this song is imaginatively called “the Venice canals” and I really hope it gives a few people comfort at this difficult time . Please share it with anyone you know that might appreciate it .

Thanks so much for watching and listening and I’ll see you all later on .

Mike x