Paper Cut, Chinese Burn (Official Video)

April 24, 2019

EUROPE – I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that came down to a show over the last few weeks .

We really did have the best time and I feel so unbelievably lucky to be able to go to such amazing cities and play my music to such passionate fans and to such lovely people !!!

Here is a video that Jarrad Seng Photography and I shot in the beautiful Gran Teatre del Liceu in BARCELONA …..

This was definitely one of my favourite venues from the tour …. What a stunning place !

The song is called “paper cut , chinese burn” and has been knocking around for a few years …. I’m really glad its finally got its little chance to shine 

As always , please share and tag your friends in if you like it .

Thats all for now but there are a few big things happening next week before I disappear for a little while …. watch this space ….

Mike xx

European Tour 2019 – Krakow

April 15, 2019

I always love playing in POLAND but I have to say last night in KRAKOW might be the best yet …. you were just the perfect crowd !! Such a beautiful venue too – thanks so much for having us Studio Klub !!!

Lovely to get the three part harmonies going with Ken Yates and Stu Larsen …. what a special night 😊 day off in sunny Prague today – what a treat !!!

See you tomorrow night at Roxy xx

Photos Jarrad Seng Photography

Passenger – Landslide (Cover)

April 15, 2019

Happy Sunday everyone 😊
Hope you’re all having a good one ?!
Just wanted to share a little video that we made in zermatt a few days ago ….
We stayed at an unbelievable hotel called the Mont Cervin Palace and couldn’t let this view go to waste ….
the song is landslide by Fleetwood Mac and is one my favourite songs in the world ever in the universe 🙃🙃
Thanks a million to Zermatt Unplugged for the amazing hospitality and also to Jarrad Seng for filming so beautifully!
Please share and tag you’re friends in if you like it and have a lovely day !!
Mike xx

European Tour 2019 – Zermatt

April 10, 2019

we get to visit some beautiful places and ZERMATT I have to say you were up there with the best of them ….
The last few days were so relaxing and the concert was just sensational . I felt honoured to be playing in such an incredible setting and to such an attentive audience – you guys were perfect .

Thank you so much to everyone at Zermatt Unplugged for the unbelievable hospitality . I really hope we can do it again one day !!!

VIENNA – we are very happy to be here , it feels like it’s been ages ! We’re playing tomorrow night at Gasometer and there are still a few tickets left from

See you very soon xx

Photos by Jarrad Seng Photography
Special thanks to Air Zermatt

European Tour 2019 – Nimes & Bologna

April 10, 2019

Wow …. been an up and down few days !!!

Been feeling a bit under the weather and unfortunately the show in Nîmes was a little shorter as a result 😥 will definitely be back one day soon to put in a longer shift I promise !!!!

Definitely on the mend now and Bologna last night was just delightful !!!!

Thanks so much to everyone that came along to both shows !!

Very much looking forward to playing Zermatt Unplugged tomorrow night …. what a place !!!


📷 Jarrad Seng Photography

European Tour 2019 – Mardid & Barcelona

April 4, 2019

what a way to kick off the European tour – two excellent and very different gigs …. Thank you so much to everyone in MADRID and BARCELONA for the amazing shows !!!! Looking forward to playing at Paloma in NIMES tomorrow night !!!! Tickets from if you’re close by !!

Mike xx

📷 Jarrad Seng Photography

Helplessly Lost & South Africa Shows 2019

April 3, 2019

SOUTH AFRICA – I am delighted to say that tickets for our November shows are now on general sale !!!
As I said before these venues are scarily massive so please do spread the word and bring at least 300 friends each …. Thanks !

DURBAN – we’ve had so many people asking for us to come through …. So many in fact that we are now looking in to it …. I really can’t promise anything at this stage but we’re trying our very best to make something work …. So , for now if you’re living in Durban or close by and want to come to a show it may be best to hold off until we have more info ….. the last thing I’d want is for people to book travel / hotels etc and then I end up playing two blocks away from your house … we’ll update as soon as we can . You guys are definitely keen though right ????

And LASTLY ….. here is a little video that Jarrad Seng Photography made whilst we were in cape town …. Its for a new song called “helplessly lost” and I really hope you guys like it !!

Think thats all for now xxx


European Tour Support Act – Ken Yates

April 1, 2019

Hello everyone !!

I’m delighted to say that the wonderful Ken Yates will be opening the shows throughout Europe over the next few weeks … Ken is a fantastic Canadian singer/songwriter and a pretty excellent human being too !

Can’t wait for these gigs !! Madrid on Tuesday is SOLD OUT but tickets still available for Barcelona the following night ….. for all tickets and info head to

see ya’ll soon xxx


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