The Way That I Love You – Lyric Video

April 3, 2020

Hello everyone ☺️

Hope you’re all hanging in there ok ?!

Here is our new “multi language” lyric video for my new(ish) song “the way that I love you” ….

Massive thanks to Fran , Marcos , Gaelle , Thomas and Livia for being so kind and helping us out with the translations …. If its wrong then its all their fault 😜

Lots of love and see you all on sunday for the live stream (7pm uk time on youtube)

Mike xx

Isolation Sunday Live Stream #2

March 30, 2020

Hello !!!

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who tuned In to the live stream last night and especially to those of you that kindly donated your hard earned money to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for World Health Organization (WHO)

We’re just trying to find out from youtube how much we raised … I’ll let you guys know as soon we find out !!

Here is the stream for anyone that missed it .

Next week I will be playing one of my albums from start to finish 😬 …. You can vote for your favourite here. I’m intrigued to see which one you guys pick !!

Thanks again for the tremendous support and generosity and see you all again on Sunday !

Stay safe and positive .

Mike xx

The Way That I Love You – Live From Paris

March 27, 2020

Hey everyone !!

Hope you’re all holding up ok ….

Just wanted to share this live version of my new song “the way that I love you” ….

if you have a keen eye you might have noticed my little cameo in the official video that we put out last week ?? It seemed a long way for me to go just for that so we decided to make the most of it and shoot this at the same time 🙃🙃

Its a bit rough round the edges as it was quite windy and I found out that walking and fingerpicking at the same time is tricky haha ….

Again a big thank you to raja and the rest of the team – audio and visual – for doing such a lovely job !

Hope you all enjoy it and as ever please share it with your friends if you do 😉

Really looking forward to the live stream at 7pm (uk time) on sunday . Here’s the link: . You still have time to request your favourite songs by voting for them here: .

Love you all . Stay safe and positive and see you soon .

Mike x


Isolation Sunday Live Stream #1

March 22, 2020

Hey guys ,

Thank you all so much for tuning in to the first live stream ! I had such a good time and It was so lovely to feel connected to all of you for a little while 🙂

Here is the stream incase you missed it … it will be up for the next few days .

I’ll be doing it again next week same time , same place – 7pm uk time on youtube!!

If you want to watch it live then remember to subscribe to the passenger YouTube channel and press the little bell icon whilst you’re there 🙂

In the meantime , please remember to leave your song requests for the next stream – big thanks to Stepanie Lehner for being a genius and setting up this poll system , which we are now stealing haha …. If you have posted requests already then please request them again in said poll … sorry , working this out as we go a little bit …..

Loads of love . Stay safe and positive and I’ll see you next sunday xx

New single – The Way That I Love You

March 20, 2020

New single – The Way That I Love You

Hello everyone . 

I really hope you’re all doing ok and you’re as safe as you can be at this very strange time . 

I wanted to share a song with you all as I believe that in the darkest of times art and music are more important than ever .  

i’m usually quite guarded about what I share of my personal life but I feel like I need to tell the story of this song for it to be fully understood …. (I’ll keep it brief)

Its called “the way that I love you” . I wrote it a little while ago for my girlfriend . At the time it just felt like a really sweet love song but unfortunately a few weeks later we ended up breaking up 🙁 

it was only then that I realised that it wasn’t just a love song but perhaps subconsciously my way of saying goodbye . 

I hope this song helps anyone who has been through something similar , I hope it comforts you if you can’t be with the people you love at this time .

if it does resonate with you then please do me a favour and share it with people who might take comfort from it . Who might , just for a couple of minutes be taken away from all of this scary stuff …

Massive thanks to raja , joseph, molly, rosie and the whole team for creating this wonderful video . I cant believe that we were in a very “normal” Paris filming just 10 days ago 🙁 special love to anyone in that beautiful city that happens to be watching … (btw can you spot my cameo ?!?!)

My instinct in a time like this would be to go out and play and to get people together but obviously that is not going to happen …. So instead I’m going to do two things . 

1.From this Sunday evening (7pm uk time) I will be doing a little live stream on my youtube channel . Just a few songs to help feel connected with you all . My intention is to then do it as a weekly thing … please if you would like to see it then make sure you subscribe !!

2.I will be spending some time everyday on facebook answering any comments and questions …. Its something I used to do years ago and had to stop as life got too busy …. its suddenly not as busy as it was …. So please stop by and say hello on the facebook “visitor posts” section and we can keep each other company 🙂 

I love you all . I feel so grateful for this community of people and I really hope we can get through this as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

Mike xx

Listen to the new single – The Way That I Love You: Here

Passenger World Tour Tickets On Sale & Live Stream

February 2, 2020

All tickets for the Passenger 2020/21 world tour are now on sale and available from !!

For anyone who missed the live stream on Friday, here’s the video .

You can also sign up to the mailing list via for all upcoming announcements… 😉

Mike xx


Presale Tickets Available

January 29, 2020

Wow !!!!!
Such an incredible response to the new tour dates 🙃🙃🙃
Its always a bit nerve wracking to announce a massive tour like this and I’ve just been blown away by the reaction …. Thank you , you guys are the best 😍😍

Just sign up to the mailing list to get access (

Don’t worry if you’ve missed out on pre-sale tickets – general sale will commence this Friday at 9am or 10am your local time .

I really am looking forward to this so much .
See you all soon !
Mike xx

Passenger presale world tour 2020

World Tour Announcement

January 27, 2020


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I will be coming to visit you all at the end of this year / early next year 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

Im delighted to be playing in some of my favourite cities and to be adding a few new ones in too !!

It will be a solo tour – so just me and my guitar – and I’ll be announcing opening acts in the coming months ….There will also be some more dates announced so don’t worry if you’re town isn’t on the list yet 🤗

As you are already on the mailing list you will get ticket presale info emailed to you first and you’ll be able to grab tickets from Wednesday morning local time on Jan 29th . General sale will go live on Friday Jan 31st !!!

So so excited !!!

Mike xx