February 2, 2015

AUCKLAND – what a fantastic couple of days .
the Auckland Civic Theatre is a magical place and last night it couldn’t have been filled by nicer people . you were a truly beautiful crowd . thank you xxx
we were also lucky enough to go and record in Roundhead Studios New Zealand for a day – one of the most incredible places to make music i’ve ever had the pleasure of being in . thanks so much to Neil Finn and team for having us (might post a little song from there in the next day or two ….)
WELLINGTON – we are in you tonight . come down to the Michael Fowler Centre if you’re at a loose end – its gonna be sweet xx

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photos by Jarrad Seng Photography


February 2, 2015

CAIRNS – we had the most incredible time with you guys . not only was the gig absolutely amazing (thank you all so much for coming – i truly loved it !!) but the wonderful people at  Cairns Tropical Zoo let us come and hang out with this bunch of legends smile emoticon (top left / bottom right is my new friend mabel – she’s a sleepy little one yr old koala ….. ridiculously cute !!) we also fed massive crocodiles which i have to say were less adorable . honestly just the most amazing experience . thank you xxxxx

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on our way to NEW ZEALAND now and i can’t wait to see you guys again – its been too long !! tickets available for both AUCKLAND and WELLINGTON at – see ya soon xxx

photos by (the one and only) Jarrad Seng Photography


January 27, 2015


BRISBANE – a massive thank you for the most epic gig last night …. definitely the hottest i’ve ever been on stage haha !!! I’m still on a massive high from it all …. i couldn’t believe how much energy you all had for a sunday night in 93% humidity …. i couldn’t have asked for anything more . you are all legends and i’ll remember last night for a long time to come . thank you xxxxxx

i haven’t been to CAIRNS for ages and i’m so looking forward to playing tomorrow night 🙂

 see you cats there xxx

photos by Jarrad Seng Photography

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Sydney !!

January 25, 2015

flipping heck SYDNEY !!!! what an amazing amazing night . can’t believe how many of you turned up and how it still somehow felt really intimate …. thanks for being the most perfect crowd imaginable . thank you a million times over xxxxxx



January 25, 2015

ADELAIDE – thank you for an amazing couple of days . fantastic gig last night and we managed to get a “cheeky” afternoon at the beach in too (sorry about the picture haha ….. it was the only towel left in the shop and we were left with no choice but to take this ridiculous photo …. we are idiots !! )


Melbourne !!

January 25, 2015

MELBOURNE – i love you . both nights at the Palais Theatre were phenomenal . you’re one of the best cities in the world to play music in and the coffee isn’t shit either



January 18, 2015

HOBART – you were delightful . i always love coming to tassie but i think that was the best gig yet!!!  it was a privilege to play in the beautiful old Theatre Royal (Hobart) !!
nice having old mate Jarrad Seng Photography back on the road with us too !!!
MELBOURNE – tonight is gonna be wicked !!!!xxxx