Nothing Compares To You – Minneapolis

September 8, 2014

hello everyone – here is the 5th video in our american tour series .

a few months ago when i first came up with this cover song idea – i started to go through the cities and venues that we would be passing through . as soon as i saw that we were playing First Avenue in Minneapolis my mind immediately shot to one artist . there is no one like him . he’s an icon and undoubtedly one of the most unique and technically gifted musicians that has ever lived …. he is of course …..

JUSTIN BIEBER ….. sorry Justin ….. just joking 🙂

PRINCE is originally from this city and made this venue famous by playing it a bunch of times and also shooting scenes here from his movie “purple rain” – it was pretty surreal to be playing this song in a dressing room that he must have been in so many times .

this one has a very different feel to the other videos – Bryan ( decided to shoot it in black and white and i think it gives it a really great quality . also geri is taking the lead for this one as it was Sinead O’Connor’s version that became such an enormous hit . i need to say that vocally this is possibly one of the most difficult songs that we could have picked and geri absolutely nailed it . she is a phenomenal talent as are phil and andrew so please if you haven’t done so already – please check out The Once and their new record “departures” !!

anyway , enough of the shameless plugging of my mates haha .

really hope you enjoy this and (sorry …. here i go again) the amount of shares doubled last week and i can’t thank you all enough . please if you like it then do us a huge favour and hit the share button – can’t tell you how much each one means !

loads of love . mike !!

ppps thanks also to stu larsen , simon kemp , james scott , russ materson , chris vallejo , dan medland , thomas stein , prince , sinead o’connor and justin bieber 😉



September 5, 2014

DENVER – last night was an absolute treat . i really really like your city and the people that live in it . thank you for having us all …. can’t believe we’re heading to the west coast already – this tour is going so quickly ! SEATTLE we’re coming for you ( in the least menacing way possible !!) xxx

photos by Stu Larsen

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Hard To Say I’m Sorry

September 1, 2014

hey guys , here is the fourth video in our american tour series …. this one comes from the beautiful city of chicago.

there were so many songs that we could have chosen – we did a load of research in to old blues and jazz artists and talked about maybe covering ray charles or sam cooke . there are some real legends from this neck of the woods .

in the end though we decided to have a bit of fun and cover a song from the eighties called “hard to say i’m sorry” and the tenuous link is that the band is called chicago 🙂 i have to admit that power ballads have always been a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine . i also feel quite nostalgic when listening to music from this era as songs like this would have been floating around my (silly little pointy) ears when i was small 😉 it was a cool challenge also to take a song that was recorded in such a different style and bring it in to our folky little world .

guys – we had over a thousand shares on the last video . thats the most we’ve ever had and i’m so so grateful . its such an amazing pay off to see these little videos get to so many people . please keep on sharing as much as you can .

massive thanks to all the usual suspects – brian , chris , simon , russ , james , thomas , dan , the once and stu larsen .

enjoy xxxx

ps to see the other three videos subscribe now to the passenger youtube channel

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August 25, 2014

CHICAGO – sorry this is late but thanks for having us all – we had a wicked time  what a fantastic city !! really looking forward to playing MINNEAPOLIS tonight too (ps we’re playing in the venue that prince shot purple rain in … no big deal :-)) xx
photo by Stu Larsen


The Only Boy Living In New York

August 25, 2014

hello everyone , hope you’re all good ….
here is the third video in our american tour series .
this week it comes from one of my favourite spots on earth – new york’s central park . 

this is quite a special one for me for a couple of reasons . firstly i’ve been coming to this part of the world since i was a kid as my dad grew up a few hours away in new jersey and i still have a lot of family and friends in new york and on the east coast .
central park has always amazed me as one minute you can be in the hustle and bustle of the city and the next thing you know you’re in this beautiful green expanse . i love it .

secondly , and i’ve said this before …. but growing up my favourite album was simon and garfunkle live in central park .
we used to listen to it over and over again in the car to the point that the cassette broke and the sound went all wobbly ( wow i feel old saying that …. )
so when we got offered a gig there this summer i jumped at the chance .
the gig was phenomenal and just before i played we found a quiet spot by the lake to shoot this video .
it felt right to do a simon and garfunkle song and what better than “the only living boy in new york” .

as always – please feel free to share it around as much as you possibly can !! you’re likes , comments and shares mean the world to us !!!

if you haven’t seen the other two videos in the series you can find them on the passenger youtube page (“sailing to philadelphia” and “angel from montgomery”)

as always my love and thanks to Stu Larsen and The Once ….. it is just such a pleasure to play and sing with you !!!
to bryan dos reis ( for shooting and editing it all so beautifully .
simon kemp , james scott and russ matterson for their hard work and patience .
dan medland , chris vallejo and thomas stein for being legends !!

i hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it . loads of love . mike xxxx

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August 22, 2014

cheers INDIANAPOLIS !!! you guys were delightful 
on to CHICAGO …. i love this town x



August 22, 2014

COLUMBUS – last night was hot and sweaty and amazing  apparently it sold out on the night too … thank you all so much !!

INDIANAPOLIS – its my first time here and i’m really looking forward to the show . we’re playing at the egyptian room and there will be tickets on the door if you’re at a loose end . xx

Photo by Stu Larsen



August 19, 2014

DETROIT last night at the Filmore was fantastic . you guys are lucky to have such a beautiful old theatre … it was a joy to play to you all . thank you for making my first gig in michigan such a memorable one . i really look forward to coming back soon !!

who’s coming to the COLUMBUS show tomorrow ???  xx

picture by Stu Larsen