South American Tour – Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina

March 7, 2019

ARGENTINA 🇦🇷– tonight is the night !!!! I loved opening up for Ed Sheeran here a few weeks ago and can’t wait to see you all again tonight at the Vorterix theatre 

There are a handful of tickets left …. I would love to sell it out tonight …. I believe in you Argentina 

See you later xxx

📷 Jarrad Seng

South American Tour – Chile, Uruguay and Argentina Update

March 6, 2019

headline run …. I can’t believe how many of you turned up . You were absolutely perfect !! Thank you so so much and see you all again next time !

URUGUAY 🇺🇾 – I don’t know what to say … the second show sold out in under 5 minutes . Absolutely insane !!!!
so sorry for anyone who missed out again but we will definitely come back as soon as possible …. see you all on Friday !!

ARGENTINA 🇦🇷 – we just landed in Buenos Aires and can’t wait to play at Teatro Vorterix tomorrow . There are a few tickets left at

Mike xxx

📷 Stu Larsen & Jarrad Seng

South American Tour – Crossing the Andes

March 5, 2019

CHILE we are here !!!! Crossing the Andes has always been on my bucket list and it more than lived up to expectation ….. just incredible !!! Massively looking forward to the show tonight!

my very good friend Stu Larsen will be opening up for me for all south american shows. stu and I have been travelling together for years and I’m so so happy he can be here for this . If you haven’t heard his music yet then you are in for a treat 

Its at Teatro Caupolicán and there are still tickets available at

see you tonight x

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South American Tour – New Until It’s Old

March 2, 2019

Passenger | New Until It’s Old

ARGENTINA- we’ve had the pleasure of travelling through your beautiful country over the last few days …. it’s been absolutely amazing !

Today we’re driving over the Andes and in to CHILE to begin the headline tour 🙃🙃 here is a little song for you in the meantime – it’s called “new until it’s old” and we shot it on a boat in Rosario

Hope you guys like it xxx —

5 March SANTIAGO Teatro Caupolican
7 March BUENOS AIRES Teatro Vorterix
8 March MONTEVIDEO Music Box
10 March SAO PAULO Cine Joia
12 March LIMA Santa Ursula Auditorium
14 March BOGOTA Jorge E Gaitan
16 March MEXICO CITY Plaza Condesa

📹 Jarrad Seng Photography

Posted by Passenger on Saturday, 2 March 2019

South American Tour | Ed Sheeran Support Recap

February 28, 2019


Hello !!

I just wanted to say another huge thank you to Ed Sheeran for letting me tag along over the last few weeks . It’s been an unbelievable ride and some of the most exciting shows of my career .

Here is a little video we put together of some of the best moments .

I can’t wait to start my own headline run in a few days …. See you all soon x

05 March SANTIAGO Teatro Caupolican
07 March BUENOS AIRES Teatro Vorterix
08 March MONTEVIDEO Music Box
10 March SAO PAULO Cine Joia
12 March LIMA Santa Ursula Auditorium
14 March BOGOTA Jorge E Gaitan
16 March MEXICO CITY Plaza Condesa

Tickets from

📹 Jarrad Seng Photography

Posted by Passenger on Thursday, 28 February 2019

Passenger | South America 2019

South America Tour – Uruguay Show Announced!

February 27, 2019

Yesterday on instagram I asked about potentially adding a Uruguay show to the tour and…… WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an unbelievable response 

Ok Uruguay ….. its happening …. We’re doing it !!!!!

The concert will be at the Montevideo Music Box on Friday the 8th of march . tickets will be on sale this Friday from

We’ve never done this before … its mad !! We will only have ONE WEEK to sell tickets 😬 ….im counting on you Uruguay !! Please spread the word and tell your friends and family .

I can’t wait to see you all again so soon xxxxxxx

South American Tour – Buenos Aires (part 2)

February 26, 2019

BUENOS AIRES – what an amazing place you are !!!! We’ve had the best few days here exploring this wonderful city !!!

The show on Saturday was so much fun and I genuinely can’t wait to come back and play my headline gig at Teatro Vorterix on the 7th of march . All tickets and info can be found at

We’re about to head off on a mini Argentinian road trip – come and follow me on Instagram if you’re not doing so already for pictures , videos and updates … 

Thank you all so much again .

Mike xx

📷 Jarrad Seng

South American Tour – Buenos Aires

February 24, 2019

Thank you for singing in the rain with me BUENOS AIRES !! that was incredible xx

see you again very soon at Vorterix on March 7 


📷 Jarrad Seng Photography