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June 13, 2014
SOUTH AFRICA – thank you all so much for the support ! we’re trying to figure out coming down to play some shows for you guys soon …. in the meantime you can grab the new record over at iTunes now thank you all so much xx

Official Isle of Wight Festival

June 12, 2014
Official Isle of Wight Festival – yesterday was ridiculous  i think it was the biggest crowd i’ve played to and you were absolutely perfect thank you !!!!also a massive thank you to Bergenfest and NORWEGIAN WOOD FESTIVALEN for having me , two beautiful festivals – looking forward to coming back to NORWAY in october – tickets available from if you guys are keen . loads of love . mike xxx
The wonderful people at Absolute Radio recorded a few songs from my set – you can check them out here:

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June 10, 2014
thank you so much for all of your lovely feedback on the album !!! so glad you’re enjoying it 🙂 for everybody in the UK the album is now out and its currently sitting at no 4 in the iTunes chart …. you little beauties !!!!!!!!! thank you very very much xxx

Passenger – Scare Away The Dark (Official Video)

June 10, 2014
right then , here it is – the video for my new single “scare away the dark” !!!!
we had so much fun making it – massive thank you to everybody involved (especially the actors that ran around like naked lunatics in a field in the middle of nowhere on a monday morning …. LEGENDS !! ) 
I’m really really proud of this and hope you guys like it !! 
if you do like it then please ( and i promise this is the last time i ask for a while ….) feel free to share it around as much as you can – it makes a massive difference !
thank you so much in advance . mike xx
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June 9, 2014
PASSENGERS – it feels absolutely amazing to finally have the album out ( in some parts of the world at least …. uk , us and canada will be early next week .)
i wanted to share just one more acoustic track with you . its a song called golden leaves .
we filmed it at at Linear studios in sydney which is where we recorded the entire album . as ever , please share it around if you can – i can’t tell you how much that stuff helps to spread the word .
thank you all so so much . mike xx
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June 8, 2014
it gives me great pleasure to say that whispers is now available throughout EUROPE (excluding the uk …. it will be out on monday for you guys) massive massive thank you to everyone in AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND – the record is currently at number 1 in the the nz iTunes chart and no 2 in oz …. your support is phenomenal !!!! xxxxx

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June 7, 2014
AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND – I am delighted to say that my new album “whispers” is now out and available . I really hope you enjoy it . Loads of love. Mike xxx

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June 6, 2014
just got my hands on this bad boy  what a little beauty !! go here if you fancy one xxx
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