Travelling Alone – Live at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam

June 19, 2017

hey guys ,
just wanted to say a huge thank you to Bergenfest and Komos Festival for having us at the weekend . its always such a pleasure to play in SCANDINAVIA and i’m looking forward to heading back up that way for Bråvalla festival next week !!
before that though we’re off to GERMANY 🙂
on thursday we’ll be at Kunst!rasen festival in BONN and on monday night at Tollwood in MUNICH . these are both headline shows and you can still get tickets from .
over the weekend we’ll be at Hurricane Festival and Southside Festival . these will be my last german shows for a long time so hopefully see as many of you as possible !!
lastly i just wanted to share another amazing moment from our concert at the Ziggo Dome a few months ago …..
its a pretty incredible feeling when 14,000 people go this quiet ….. I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it .
thank you again AMSTERDAM for a night that i’ll never forget .
as always please feel free to share this video with your friends !!
love and thanks .
mike xx

Europe Festivals | Pinkpop

June 9, 2017

wow , what a week !!
thank you to everyone that came out to see us in JERSEY and GRONINGEN – two fantastic shows !
Pinkpop Festival was an absolute dream too … so much fun to be back on a massive festival stage !!!
big thanks to Ben Houdijk Photography for the snaps 🙂
we have a few days off now before heading to Bergenfest … lots of love xxx

Heart’s on Fire ft. Ed Sheeran – live at the Ziggo Dome

June 1, 2017

hi everyone !

its been a while … hope you’re all doing well 🙂

we’re getting back on the road again this weekend and we’ll playing a bunch of beautiful looking festivals and gigs around europe . i can’t fucking wait !!!!

we’re kicking things off in JERSEY tomorrow night at Gloucester hall and you can still grab tickets from here if you fancy coming along .
(be sure to check out the support lucy rose ….. she’s AMAZING !!!)

we’re then on to HOLLAND for one of my favourite festivals pinkpop and to do our own show in groningen (sold out) .

talking of the netherlands , this video is a bit special …. its from my show at the ziggo dome in amsterdam back in october last year . it was the biggest ever passenger headline show with an amazing 14,000 people there .
it was an incredible night for many reasons but i think this has to be the highlight …. what a moment !
we used to sing this song together every night when i was supporting ed a few years ago so it was pretty lovely to be able to do it again after so long .

massive thanks to ed sheeran , the boys at seesaw and my sound guys for capturing it so beautifully , my fantastic band and to everyone that came along that night .

please feel free to share this with your mates and i look forward to seeing some of you throughout the summer !!

loads of love .

mike x

Hotel California (The Eagles cover)

April 9, 2017

hello everyone ! hope this finds you all well 🙂
we’re in ATLANTA for the last show of the north american tour so it feels like the perfect time to share the latest and last “sunday night video” for a while ….
we had a day off after the san diego show last week so we drove out to a pretty surreal place called salton sea beach . its an old abandoned town on the edge of a saltwater lake about three hours in land from the coast .
it was a really weird place . left to decay and forgotten about other than a few remaining residents .
we arrived later than expected and were battling to get something shot before the sun went down . in the end we decided to do the whole thing in one take …. this is a pretty tricky way of doing it as means there are no edits so there can’t be any fuck ups …. from anyone ….
after multiple attempts we managed to get a great take just before the sun disappeared . a big relief i have to say !
i should think most of you will know this one ….. “hotel california” by the Eagles . what a magical song .
thanks to my brilliant and patient band and crew for saying yes to the “sunday night video” project . touring is exhausting enough without spending your days off filming and I really am massively appreciative !!
an enormous thank you to Jarrad Seng Photography . your photos and videos just get better and better and i feel so lucky to have worked on such a body of work together . may there be many more weird and wonderful moments to come !
and lastly to you guys – its been so much fun making these videos for you and we’ve been completely blown away by the response . thank you all so much for watching , sharing and for your wonderful feedback !!!
please help us go out with a bang and share this as much as possible 🙂
so much love to you all .
mike xxx

North America Tour – Nashville

April 9, 2017

NASHVILLE …. last night was incredible and something that i will never forget . playing at the Ryman Auditorium has been a dream since i was little and it more than lived up to expectation .
thanks so much for being such a warm and beautiful crowd and for making this dream a reality !!!!!!

ATLANTA – you’re the last stop ! so looking forward to seeing you all this evening to bring the tour home xxx

ps look out for the “sunday night video” in a few hours …. its a good’ne !!

photos by Megan Baker

North America Tour – Austin

April 7, 2017

an absolutely glorious night in AUSTIN !!!! one of the tour highlights without a doubt . what a fun town and the bbq was outstanding as ever 😉 thanks to everyone at Stubb’s Austin for the amazing hospitality !!!!

just two more shows to go …. what a beautiful crazy whirlwind this tour has been …. NASHVILLE we’ll see you soooooooooon xxx

North America Tour – Dallas

April 6, 2017

DALLAS – you were delightful !!

absolutely loved hanging out with you guys ! thank you all for coming and making it such a fun show xxx

we’re playing at Stubb’s Austin tonight and there will be a few tickets on the door if anyone fancies it !!!

North America Tour – San Diego

April 3, 2017

SAN DIEGO – thank you for a fantastic night ! the perfect way to finish our time here in CALIFORNIA . thank you for the sunshine and the wonderful support !!!

TEXAS – you’re up next 🙂 wednesday night at House of Blues Dallas and then the legendary Stubb’s Austin on thursday !! tickets still available for both nights here.