U.K. and Ireland Shows

September 12, 2018

UK and IRELAND – we’ve had an absolute blast over the last two weeks . i want to thank all of you for coming along and for making the shows so special . I am so so lucky to be able to play such lovely venues to such respectful and supportive crowds …. THANK YOU !!!!!!!xxx

On a slightly sadder note , due to unforeseen circumstances Lucy Rose is no longer able to be our opening act for the rest of the tour . Its been absolutely fantastic having her along and hopefully we can play more gigs together in the future ….

The wonderful Chris Simmons and Stephanie Grace will now be supporting in Europe and we will keep you posted on the North American , Aussie and New Zealand dates as soon as we have people locked in .

Sorry for the change of plans and thank you for your understanding .

Loads of love .

Mike x



Survivors (Acoustic Live from Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park)

September 6, 2018

Hey guys ,

Thought we’d chuck this one at you a day early …. Its the acoustic version of “survivors” filmed amongst the majestic redwoods of Northern California .

This was one of my favourite moments of the road trip . We got up super early ( which is why I look a bit knackered ….) and when we arrived at this sensational location we had the whole place to ourselves .

The sun was rising and shining down through these gigantic and magnificent trees and there was an amazing stillness and calm about the place (apart from the incredibly loud woodpecker that wouldn’t be quiet during recording …. So inconsiderate )

It was a morning that I will never forget and I feel privileged to have been able to play one of my songs in such a magical place .

As always , a huge thank you to Jarrad Seng Photography, Chris Vallejo and Stu Larsen for making this project possible .

Please share it around if you like it .

Thank you .

Mike xx

Sound Check Live from Albert Hall, Manchester

September 4, 2018

Hey guys ,

just wanted to say huge thank you to everyone that has already bought / streamed the new album “RUNAWAY” !! If you haven’t had a chance to yet then head over to

in the meantime here are a handful of the new songs streaming live from my sound check at Albert Hall Manchester!

thanks for watching and sharing 😉

Mike xx

New Video ‘Survivors’ and ‘Runaway’ is out now!

August 31, 2018

Hello everyone !

Hope you’re all having a great day ?!

I am beyond excited to say that my new album RUNAWAY is now out and available to everyone everywhere 🙂 please head over to for all of your streaming / download / cd / vinyl needs 🙂

I really am very proud of this album – We’ve put a huge amount of work in to this one and I really hope you guys enjoy it .

A massive thank you to all of the immensely talented and hard working people that gave their time , love and talent to this project and also to all of you that have already pre ordered or pre saved .

We don’t have a million dollar marketing campaign or a major label behind us . I am an independent artist and we count enormously on you guys to help us get this music out in to the world so please , if you do like the record then feel free to spread the word however you can – play it for your friends and family and share it as much as you can on social media ! I can’t tell you what an enormous affect this can have .

In the meantime , here is the 6th video from our u.s road trip and my new single “SURVIVORS”

Its a simple song about trying to navigate through all of the advertising / brainwashing / confusion and bullshit of the modern world. About trying to find something or someone real and meaningful in this narcissistic and throw away culture that we find ourselves in .

We filmed it in Times Square and around Manhattan as it felt like one of the finest examples of modern day sensory overload !

Hope you guys enjoy it .

Thank you as always for your amazing love and support . I am so so proud and lucky to have you guys with me on this magical and insane adventure .

All my love and thanks .

Mike x

To Be Free (Acoustic Live)

August 17, 2018

Hey guys !

Hope you’re all doing really well !

Can’t believe its only two weeks till my new album comes out !!! Starting to feel pretty nervous / excited about it ….

In the meantime , here is the acoustic version of “to be free” ….

We filmed it outside an old farm in Wyoming as the sun was going down … a pretty lovely spot and a perfect setting to sing this song .

As always do feel free to pass it around 😉

Loads of love .

Mike xx

To Be Free (Official Video)

August 10, 2018
Hey guys !

We have a really special song and video for you today – special for me at least …. For a number of reasons ….

The song is called “to be free” and it tells the story of my dad and his family .

Ziggy (my grandad) was German and Molly (my grandmother) was polish . 

They were both jewish and living in Germany when the second world war was about to begin . 

Luckily they managed to escape to a refugee camp in France where they spent the duration of the war . 

Once the war was over they , like so many other jewish refugees , left Europe for America . 

They ended up running a chicken farm in New Jersey in a town called Vineland which is where my dad and his siblings grew up . Needless to say with very little money and so much trauma it was an extremely difficult childhood for them .

My dad left Vineland as a teenager and went on to travel the world before finally ending up in England .

As I was growing up I heard snippets about their ordeal although understandably it wasn’t something that people wanted to talk about in any detail . Over the years I’ve pieced together a rough idea of what they went through and just how appalling and terribly sad the whole thing was .

Its something that I never thought I’d write a song about . Its such a delicate story that subconsciously I feel I’ve always steered clear of telling it . 

However , whilst on holiday towards the end of last year I picked up my guitar and started playing . These lyrics came to me and all of a sudden I realised what song I was writing . 

Im not ashamed to say that I wrote and sang and cried as the song tumbled out of me . I’ve never had an experience like it . It came from such a deep place and it was a bizarre feeling to be pulling it out and putting it in to a song . 

For the video , it felt only write that we go back to New Jersey to film it . 

We chose a little beach town called Avalon . Its a place that I went to many times as I was growing up as my aunt and uncle owned a little beach house there . I hadn’t been there in over ten years and honestly I didn’t have much of an idea of what the video should be – I just felt like it was the right place . 

A few days before filming it we were in New York and hanging out with Emily – a friend of Jarred Seng who happens to be a world class ballet dancer (as you will see) we told her our plans (or lack there of) and she unbelievably kindly offered to choreograph something . I can’t thank her enough . Not only did she give up her time , drive over to Avalon and dance on a freezing cold beach for hours but she managed to portray such beauty and somehow capture the essence of the song perfectly . An unbelievable talent and a kindness that I will never forget . Thank you Emily xxx 

I’d like to dedicate this song and video to anybody who has gone through or is going through a similar situation . For anyone that has been displaced . For anyone living in a new country , learning new customs and language . 

America , like so many other countries , was built on immigration . Never has it been so important to remember and celebrate this fact . 

Thank you for your time and I really hope you enjoy the video . 

Mike x

p.s a massive thanks as always to Jarrad Seng . What an incredible job to capture this in one take ….. unbelievable !! 

Heart to Love (Official Video)

July 21, 2018

Happy Saturday everyone !!

I am delighted to be able to share the 4th video from my new album “runaway” with you all !!

Its called “heart to love” and its so good to finally get this bad boy out in to the world …. Its a song that I wrote a few years ago and has been waiting in the wings for a long time . We’ve tried to record it several times but for one reason or another it just hadn’t felt right until now …..

The video was very interesting to make …. we shot it in Las Vegas and only had one evening / one chance to get it right .

Its a really simple performance video other than one major thing … we slowed the track down to half time speed so I basically had to walk along in a very crowded area performing the song to camera in slow mo ….its harder than it sounds ! We got some extremely weird looks but as it was Las Vegas there were thankfully a lot of people doing weird stuff everywhere so I think we blended in nicely 😉

As always , please feel free to share this around . The love and support for this project so far has been humbling . Thank you all so much xxx

Ps I can’t believe the album comes out in 6 weeks !!!!

Runaway (Behind the Scenes)

July 13, 2018

Hello everyone !

Hope you’re all happy and well 🙂

Thanks so much for all the love for the “runaway” video !! Can’t tell you how much it means …

Here is a little insight in to how we made it … enjoy xx