Patchwork – Out now 10 Jul 2020

Hello everyone ,

I’m extremely excited to say that my 12th studio album “patchwork” is out today and you can listen to it now from here 🤗🤗🤗 –

i’m really proud of this one – I wrote almost all of it during lockdown (other than the Lewis Capaldi cover …. I really wish that was my song 😉) so I feel the whole album comes from an extremely honest and vulnerable place .

it was a strange and lonely feeling to suddenly be on my own for weeks on end and writing these songs became a massive source of hope and comfort to me during that time . I hope they go on to give others those same feelings .

Some of you will recognise the songs from the little live videos that I posted as I was writing them . the versions on the album are of course different but we’ve kept them very bare and natural and I hope very true to their origins .

I’m delighted to say that every penny made from this album will be donated to a uk based food bank charity called The Trussell Trust who do incredible and increasingly necessary work in getting food to people who need it . You can read more about them here –

we haven’t pressed any cds or vinyl so there are no physical copies . You can stream it from all the normal spots and you can also download for £5 plus there will be the option to make an extra charitable donation if you would like to –

I want to say a massive thank you to Chris Vallejo for engineering / producing / mixing / mastering and self isolating in order to make this crazy little project happen .

to Andrew Philips for adding such beautiful textures and electric guitars and Richard Brinklow for his lovely piano work !

To Sarah Larnach for absolutely nailing the artwork 👌

to Dan Medland and Rebekah Tayler for always working so hard and trusting in me .

And lastly to you guys , for listening to my songs and for coming with me on this musical adventure . For the constant stream of love and support that I receive from you all . None of this would work without it . Thank you so much for letting me do this – I appreciate it now more than ever .

Please please please share this record around as much as you can . It won’t be on the radio or get any media coverage so as ever it’s hugely down to word of mouth ….. thank you in advance 🥰

I really hope you love this album as much as I have loved creating it .

So much love and thanks .

Mike x

Ps this album is dedicated to my new niece baby Skye xxx




Passenger Patchwork