Patchwork 03 May 2020

Hello everyone !

Hope you’re all hanging in there …

Another week in lockdown and another new song for you 🤗 This one’s called “patchwork” and I only finished writing it on Friday …..

I have to say it feels so nice to be able to share songs so soon after they’ve been written . Usually it takes months from when they’re written to when they’re released and there is definitely a freshness and a power to them when they’re so new ….

As always please share it around if you dig it !!

I will be live on my youtube channel at 7pm uk time tonight where I will be – internet permitting – attempting to play (most of 😇) “wicked mans rest” …. Which for those of you who don’t know was the first ever passenger album and was released back in 1758 ….. its gonna be interesting 😳😳

Here’s the link

See ya there xxx