Post 17 09 May 2014

i have to share this with you all – i just got given a physical copy of the deluxe version of whispers and its the most beautiful little thing on the planet !! im so delighted with it the best bit is the pop up artwork in the inlay cover !! i never thought we would actually be able to do it – the whole idea behind the artwork is to make the packaging feel like a children’s story book and having the pop up just reminds me so much of books that i used to read as a little oneI’ve attached a couple of shots although i don’t think it does it justice …. these are limited edition and if you want to you can preorder them now:

thanks so much to sarah lanarch for her incredible artwork and bringing this whole thing together so quickly . sarah has done the artwork for the last couple of passenger albums and i always love what she does but this has just blown my tiny little mind . check out her website – she is genuinely incredible !

so so excited for this album to come out !!!!!

mike xxxxxxx