Queenstown 17 May 2020

Hello everyone ☺️

Hope you’re all ok ?!

There is no live stream this week as its my birthday today so I’m having a little night off 😇

However , I did want to share a song that I wrote a few days ago ….

Isolation has been tough for so many reasons , but its had some weird upsides …. I think this is the first time I’ve actually allowed myself the time and space to stop and reflect on everything that has happened over the last few years … mainly all of the amazing travelling and touring that I’ve been lucky enough to do . I think lockdown has made me start to understand what an unbelievable privilege it has been .

One of my favourite adventures was a road trip around New Zealand’s South Island a few years ago … it was one of the most magical times of my life . This song I think encapsulates that feeling of travel and freedom – something that we are all probably missing greatly at the moment .

Its called “Queenstown” which was one of my favourite spots .

I really hope you enjoy it , and If you do and want to be nice to me on my birthday (😳😳😇) then please share it around as much as you can haha .

Love to you all .

Mike xx