Space Oddity 27 Feb 2016

hello everyone ,
happy new year to you all !! i hope 2016 is treating you well so far ?!
we , like the rest of the world are completely devastated by the loss of david bowie .
im not going to say too much about it as i know there has been a lot written over the last few days and i wouldn’t really know where to start .
instead we recorded this cover of one of my all time favourite songs …. i remember hearing this as a kid and it feeling truly magical to me . i think thats probably what david bowie gave to everyone at one point or another .

a quick thank you to chris , pete , ben , solo , rob , scott , ben and dan for playing / engineering / making this possible .
a special thank you to bryan dos reis for shooting this so beautifully despite jet lag and food poisoning (legend)

i hope we have done this incredible song some justice and that it is a fitting tribute .

mike x