Summer Rain 07 Jun 2020

Hello everyone ,

Its been a while !! I really hope you’re all doing ok …. What a difficult few weeks / months 😔

Sorry I’ve been fairly quiet on here – truth is I’ve not really been on my computer or phone for a little while as I felt like I really needed some time away from the news / world …. I’ve been really enjoying a slower pace of life – spending a lot of time in the garden with my idiotic cats and my new rescue chickens 🐣🐣🐣

We’ve also been working on something really exciting which I’ll be able to share with you all soon so watch this space !!!!

In the meantime though , here is a new song called “summer rain” . It was a tough one to write . A really personal one . I hope it strikes a chord with some you …

Thank you all for watching and listening !

Loads of love .

Mike xx

Ps I will get back on the live streaming soon I promise xx