Sweet Baby James (James Taylor cover) with Gregory Alan Isakov 25 Dec 2019

Hello everyone !

Hope you’re having a lovely Christmas / festive season !!

Just wanted to say thank you for another amazing year . I’ve been to some extraordinary places , played some amazing gigs and have been lucky to meet and hang out with some incredible people along the way .

Next year is going to be a big one – new music coming and a tonne of touring 🙃🙃

In the meantime I’ll leave you with this – the last song on my most recent album “sometimes its something , sometimes its nothing at all” . The song is called ”winter coats” and seems appropriate for today (unless you live somewhere warm haha)

Jarrad Seng Photography and I shot it in Switzerland when I played Zermatt Unplugged earlier this year …. What a spectacular part of the world 😍

Hope you enjoy it and as ever share it around if you do .

All my love and thanks .

Mike xx

Ps “sometimes it’s something , sometimes it’s nothing at all” has now raised over £50,000 for @shelter and the homeless people that they support . Utterly incredible . Thank you all so much for listening xxx