The Long Road 08 Sep 2015

Hello everyone , hope you’re all well ?!

I can’t wait to start the NORTH AMERICAN tour in VANCOUVER on wednesday 🙂
before i head off though i just wanted to share another little video that Jarrad Seng Photography and i made over the last few weeks of our european festival run …. the song is called “the long road” and most of it was shot as we travelled through a few different spots in eastern europe . it is such a beautiful part of the world and I’m so glad we captured some of it here !! as always every view , like , comment and share are hugely appreciated .

Thanks so much for watching and listening and i hope to catch as many of you lovely americans and canadians as possible over the next few weeks !! (for all tickets and info go to
lots of love . mike xxx

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 2.54.50 pm