The Venice Canals 05 Apr 2020

Happy sunday everyone ,

Hope you’re all doing ok !

Just a reminder that I’ll be going live over on youtube tonight at 7pm uk time and will be attempting to play my album “whispers” (from 2014 😳😳🤦🏻‍♂️) from start to finish …. I’ve had a few run throughs and currently remember at least 47% of the lyrics 🙃 should be interesting / a total train wreck haha ….. here’s the link 

In the meantime , I wrote this song a couple of days ago and wanted to share it with you . It was inspired by the tiny snippets of positive news that are filtering through at the moment . Obviously dwarfed by all of the dreadfully sad and worrying stuff but nevertheless , I find it really helpful to focus on the good bits too ☺️

I keep on hearing little examples of how nature has been responding to the lack of human activity . My favourite story so far has been about the Venice canals . For years and years the water in Venice has been pretty dirty with all of the boats , tourists , litter and pollution etc … but since the lock down apparently the water is now so clear that they can see to the bottom . Not only that but fish are now happily swimming in them ….. I can only imagine how beautiful that must be to witness and it heartens me greatly to know that although this is a really dark time , at least the natural world is able to recuperate a little .

So this song is imaginatively called “the Venice canals” and I really hope it gives a few people comfort at this difficult time . Please share it with anyone you know that might appreciate it .

Thanks so much for watching and listening and I’ll see you all later on .

Mike x