The Way That I Love You – Live From Paris 27 Mar 2020

Hey everyone !!

Hope you’re all holding up ok ….

Just wanted to share this live version of my new song “the way that I love you” ….

if you have a keen eye you might have noticed my little cameo in the official video that we put out last week ?? It seemed a long way for me to go just for that so we decided to make the most of it and shoot this at the same time 🙃🙃

Its a bit rough round the edges as it was quite windy and I found out that walking and fingerpicking at the same time is tricky haha ….

Again a big thank you to raja and the rest of the team – audio and visual – for doing such a lovely job !

Hope you all enjoy it and as ever please share it with your friends if you do 😉

Really looking forward to the live stream at 7pm (uk time) on sunday . Here’s the link: . You still have time to request your favourite songs by voting for them here: .

Love you all . Stay safe and positive and see you soon .

Mike x