Tour Video 2 29 Sep 2015

hello you lot 🙂
here is the second video from our american tour series !!
the song is called “boy who cried wolf” and the amazing bryan dos reis shot most of it as we traveled through the midwest and up in to eastern Canada – the performance part was filmed looking over montreal .
the idea with this one was to give you guys a bit of an insight in to what goes in to a passenger gig and the people that make it happen ….

im so lucky to have this talented , hard working and hilarious group of people around me and my music . they work so hard to put on the best show they can every night what ever the circumstances . they are unbelievably supportive when i feel nervous before a gig or knackered after one . we’ve seen some amazing things together and they are some of my closest fwends 🙂

these people are simon (production manager / front of house sound and a man with a catch phrase for every situation )
“cheesecake” charlie (monitors / dessert expert / good coffee finder)
james (lighting director , gin connoisseur and can sleep through anything )
my tour manager thomas (who enjoys running whilst wearing an amazing headband and listening to cheesy 90’s rock music )
and my manager dan who i have been working with for well over a decade and has flown out from australia twice in three weeks to be here with us ….. think that says it all really . just amazing !!!

massive thanks also to rebekah , hannah , stu , jarrad , russ and jack – love you guys too 🙂

right , this is all getting a bit emotional so i’ll leave you alone to watch the video 🙂 as always your likes , comments and especially shares are greatly appreciated !!

lots of love .

mike xx

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